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Sample Letter to Bank for Renting a Safe Deposit Locker

Searching for online application forms for operating a bank safe deposit locker? This article provides a sample letter to bank for renting a safe deposit locker in a bank in India in case the bank does not have an official form for it. You can also know the approximate annual locker rental fees at SBI and important details about terms & conditions of operating a bank safe deposit locker in India.

Sample letter format to Bank to open Jan Dhan Yojana account

In this article, you will know how to open or associate Jan Dhan Yojana Bank account announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. This scheme is eradicating financial untouchability and is a big concern that separates people. So, learn how to write a simple letter to bank to open a Jan Dhan Yojana account and get the benefit out of it.

Sample letter format for changing contact number of bank account

Contact number associated with your bank account is now one of the additional feature provided by the bank authorities. An account holder gets notified instantly if he/she withdraws cash or perform any POS transaction from the a/c. He/she at once gets an alert message on his/her cellphone. In this way, if anyone misuses the debit card in his absence, then he would ultimately get an alert message.

Sample letter format to file RTI in banks

Looking for an application format to file RTI against PSU banks? Right to Information Act gives you right for this too. Read this page to know the best and effective method to write an application while filing RTI in banks in India.

Sample letter format to bank for vehicle loan

Now days, to have our own vehicle are more like a status symbol rather than a requirement of any family. In a middle class family, it is difficult to buy any vehicle with self finance; hence banks are ready to provide vehicle loans. Some people who are earning from Agriculture also need bank support to buy agricultural vehicles like Tractors.
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