Life of Hindi speaking people in VIT Vellore

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Author: Athulia Gahanan      Post Date: 28 Mar 2023        
My coworker had a fantastic experience as a Hindi-speaking student at VIT Vellore. VIT Vellore, one of India's best institutions, boasts a varied student body from all across the nation. Though Tamil is the regional language spoken in and around Vellore, Hindi is widely recognised and spoken by many students on campus. He discovered various Hindi-speaking organisations and groups on campus that he could join based on his previous expertise. These organisations gave him a safe place to meet other Hindi-speaking students and discuss his cultural experiences.

He also discovered that the majority of the teachers and staff spoke English and were tolerant of students who did not speak Tamil fluently. In terms of daily life, he had no trouble speaking with others while shopping, dining out, or ordering food because Hindi (together with English) was commonly spoken in these settings. He could also strengthen his Hindi abilities at the university, which included a Hindi department. Despite the fact that he was away from home, he felt at ease speaking Hindi at VIT Vellore since it was an inclusive and varied society.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 06 Apr 2023        
VIT Vellore is a national-level university with students from all over India. One of my friends recently got into VIT for his Masters and we were meeting up after a long time. He was telling me how surprised he was at the student population. Even though the University is situated in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the Student demographic consisted of adults from all over India, with an almost equal division between North Indian and South Indian populations.

VIT also maintains a 1:10 Faculty to Student ratio and most of the professors are from all over India as well with a few foreign professors as well. I think that Hindi Speaking students might not feel alienated in such a diverse space. Also, keep in mind that the primary language spoken at the university is English, with classes and other formalities in the same language. Hence, I'm sure that Hindi-speaking students would fit right in and feel at home.
Author: Abichandh AD      Post Date: 29 Mar 2023        
One of my friends is currently studying at VIT Vellore university, and He told me that the student population consists of students from different parts of India as well as from other countries. He also stated that Hindi is one of their official languages. Hindi-speaking students are likely to feel at home and have no difficulty communicating with other students and staff on campus. Also, Hindi-speaking students have to face some challenges to adjust to the English language because the primary medium of their instruction at VIT Vellore is English, and many academic activities are conducted in English. Hindi-speaking students can easily find like-minded peers and make friends on campus.
Author: Algo Shaji      Post Date: 27 Mar 2023        
In my opinion One of India's finest engineering Colleges, VIT Vellore enrols students from across the nation, including those whose first language is Hindi. Tamil Nadu, where the institute is located, is a state where the majority of the people speak Tamil as their first language.

Although English is the predominant language of instruction and communication on campus, the majority of VIT Vellore's students, faculty, and staff members are literate in it. Since most people are fluent in both Hindi and English, Hindi-speaking students shouldn't have any trouble talking with their peers, professors, and staff.
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