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Positives of the lockdown and its impact on our lives and way forward

It has been a very strange experience. A virus that is not visible to the naked eye has devastated so many lakhs of people around the world. The massive number of people dying every day is so sad to hear. In India, crores of people have learned to live within the confines of their homes. What are the positives of the lockdown and what impact has it had on our lives? What will be the way forward? This article attempts some answers to this vital question.

Mumbai University examination announcements and lockdown

Mumbai university recently announced the dates on which it is expected to conduct all final year examinations. This article is about the news and my viewpoints on it. Know details about the announcement and what should be taken care of during the exam.

How to participate online in Funky Rainbow Lockdown Books Quiz

Love books and love quizzes? No better time than a lockdown to participate in a fun quiz on childrens' books organized by Funky Rainbow, the popular online bookstore. Details of how to participate in the Funky Rainbow lockdown quiz, as also exciting offers on their book vouchers, have been provided in this article.

How to celebrate Earth Day during the lockdown period

Do you love Mother Earth? Are you worried about the protection of Mother Earth? Earth Day is coming and will be celebrated on 22nd April. But if you are out of ideas for celebration of Earth Day due to lockdown, then read this article to know the simple but useful tips by which you can celebrate this day at your home.

Valuable e-learning material for students in lockdown period and summer vacation

Students are fed up with too much free time due to Coronavirus lockdown and also some students have started their summer vacation. This article provides details of various valuable e-learning opportunities for students to excel in their studies. They give a fine opportunity for students to learn and acquire knowledge in an interesting way through video lessons, graphics, animations and explanations from most experienced faculty.

The effect on Indian economy caused by the lockdown

While many economists predicted a recession, nobody could guess there will be a pandemic caused by COVID-19. This article highlights how the various sectors are affected due to the lockdown and try to find out whether there is any possible solution. The article does without any complex economic terms or data and anyone even without an economics background can read and understand the scenario.

Top 20 ideas to utilize spare time in the lockdown period

Are you tired of sitting free at home during a lockdown? Do you want to do something unique but don't have any idea about what to do now? If yes, then you can find some simple but useful ideas from here. Read this full article and explore the ideas for easy and worthy time pass.

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