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How to Invest in Gold wisely?

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Questions which the new investors frequently ask

New investors of modern age want better returns, but they are in doubt. Various questions come to their mind regarding investment. This is quite natural. In this article, the author tries to answer five frequently asked questions by the new/first-time investors. Read on.

Ten evergreen thumb rules on investment

Are you a new investor? Do you invest without understanding the nuances of investing? This is not proper. In this article, ten simple rules have been discussed. Understand these rules and follow them. Your investment will give you a handsome return to have a hassle-free retired life. Read on to know.

What is annuity - a beginner's guide

Are you working? Definitely you want to have a regular income even after your retirement. But there is no pension scheme in your office. Under these circumstances, you have to opt for annuity. This article has simplified the complex world of annuity. Read on....

Top five mistakes to avoid while planning for retirement

Nowadays job stability has become rare. At the same time, life expectancy has improved. So, retirement planning has become imperative. This article informs about five common mistakes in retirement planning and advises the readers not to make these mistakes.

PPF rates are falling: What should the common investors do?

The rate of return of PPF as well as other Government investment vehicles is now at historic low. The rate will go down further. What should the common investors do now? They must look for better alternatives. Read this article to know about those better alternatives.

Top five tips to pick good mutual funds

Are you interested to invent in mutual fund schemes but confused by the different types available in Indian market? Read this article and understand the basis of selecting schemes suitable for your individual needs.

How to make long term investments through SIP of mutual funds

This article provides an insight into the benefits of investing in SIP mutual funds. You will learn how to invest in SIP of a mutual fund and also understand the meaning of SIP and other commonly used terms like NAV when investing in a SIP plan.

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