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Social Reformers in Maharashtra

The article describes the role played by various social reformers of Maharashtra for the upliftment of the local people. It describes the role of leaders like Tilak, Ranade and others in bringing about a change in the thinking of the people. The article also enlists the names of some of the social reformers of Maharashtra.

Recipe Of Maharashtrian Curd Curry

Yogurt curry is one of the specialty of Maharashtra. This curry has bit thick consistency because we add gram flour in it to get thicken. Here I am giving detail recipe of this delicious curry which is best in taste as well as best alternative for regular dal or sambar.

Caves in Maharashtra

One of the states in India which is having many caves is Maharashtra. And there are more than 7-8 major caves available in this states are Ajanta caves, Ellora caves, Aurangabad caves , elephanata caves , Karla caves , Bhaja caves etc are the popular caves to be visited in Maharashtra. In this section met me describe about the caves in Maharashtra and its importance.

Tourism: A Tour To Maharashtra- Replete With Natural Beauty Spots

Famous as the economic capital of the Indian nation through the world over, Mumbai is also known as the magical city of filmdom. If you have to see every variety of gloss and glitter, visiting Mumbai would become quite imperative for you. The romance of this metro is certain to bind you in great magical spells. This article travels through the beauty spots worth viewing in Maharashtra.

Gopal Hari Deshmukh and his Contribution to Maharashtra

The article describes the role of Gopal Hari Deshmukh as a social reformer of Maharashtra. His work and his concern for the masses brought him the title of Lokhitwadi. He was the pioneer of reformism in India. He has also been called the morning star of the National Movement in India.

MAH-MBA/MMS CET 2011 results

Get latest information about MBA CET 2011 results. Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for MBA & MMS 2011 exam was held on February 2011 and result will be declared today evening at 5:00 PM. Get here your 2011 MBA CET results once officially declared

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited - MKCL Certificate in Information Technology MS-CIT MICIT

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited - MKCL, MKCL's International Certificate in Information Technology (MICIT), Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT), Maharashtra State Advanced Certificate in Information Technology (MS-ACIT) for Teachers, and MKCL's various diploma courses in Animination, Graphics, Retail Management, Programming, tally 9.0, etc. MKCL is the IT department back bone of Maharashtra State.

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