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Managing temper tantrums in children

All of us in some point of our lives do face the problem or challenge of handling a angry and aggressive child. Tackling the same becomes a tricky situation without proper guidance. Parents have to constantly keep working on ways to teach the child about how to deal with emotions in a better way.

Ways to make children work

The children should be taught to do work by teaching them the art of work, smart nature of job,knowing their interests and being assigned with small tasks. The children should be made to do work from their tender age because they learn a lot by doing work.

How to handle bad behaviour in children

Children can be rude and argumentative. They can answer back, and not do what they are told. Such insolent behaviour needs to be corrected. But what are the right techniques to correct bad behaviour in children? They should be disciplined gentlly yet firmly. It's a trick that every parent must know.

How to stop children from playing with gadgets

Parenting is more difficult today than it ever was. There are so many challenges, and added to that is technology. Children today spend more time indoors with gadgets than outdoors, playing. This is a dilemma of practically every parent. How do parents keep their children away from gadgets?

How to prevent children from eating junk food

This article explains the role of parental responsibility to stop children being dependent on junk food. To avoid junk food among children, the parents should be strong-minded and impose good eating habits and limit their choices.

How to explore hidden potential of unprivileged children living in slums

This is a brief account how there was tremendous improvement in Mathematics in Jitendra studying in class 8 in a school aided by Christian Missionary located in Bokaro Steel city. The help of the Christian Missionary did not go in vain in upgrading the potential of the child. This incident would provide an insight how there was an attitudinal change within the child in a slow but consistent manner as a result of continuous support.
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