MBA in India vs MBA in foreign universities - which is better?

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Author: Phagu Mahato      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
Both MBA programs in India and foreign universities have their advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on your individual goals, preferences, and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:
  1. Cost:
  2. Pursuing an MBA abroad can be much more expensive than in India. However, some foreign universities may offer scholarships, grants, or financial aid, which can help to offset the costs.

  3. Quality of education:
  4. Many top-ranked business schools are located outside India, and they may offer better infrastructure, faculty, curriculum, and industry exposure. However, some Indian B-schools are also renowned for their academic rigor and practical training.

  5. Diversity:
  6. Studying abroad can expose you to different cultures, perspectives, and networks, which can broaden your horizons and enhance your employability. However, studying in India can also provide you with opportunities to network with industry leaders and build connections in your local business community.

  7. Job prospects:
  8. An MBA from a prestigious foreign university can improve your chances of landing a high-paying job in a multinational company or global market. However, an MBA from a reputed Indian B-school can also open up lucrative job opportunities in India's booming economy.
In summary, there is no straightforward answer to whether an MBA in India or abroad is better. It depends on your goals, preferences, and circumstances. You should research different MBA programs, evaluate their costs and benefits, and choose the one that aligns with your career aspirations and financial constraints.
Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 16 Apr 2023        
If anyone can afford MBA in a foreign University then is best than MBA in India. The cost of an MBA pursued in a foreign University is more than an MBA in India. But the return on MBA abroad is better than MBA from India.

MBA degree holders from India's top institutions like the Indian Institute of Management can get INR 20 Lakhs per annum on an average basis. An MBA degree from the UK can earn up to INR 45 Lakhs per annum.

The best countries for MBA are the USA, Canada, and France. MBA graduates can earn an average of USD 100000 per annum.

MBA Program Duration in India - 2 Years
MBA Program Duration Abroad - 1-2 years

Specialization in India: Finance, HR, Marketing, International Business, Supply Chain, Healthcare, etc.
Specialization in Abroad: Finance, HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Information Systems, etc.

Average Cost in India: INR 6 - 22 Lakhs
Average Cost in Abroad - INR 25 - 70 Lakhs

Salary in India: INR 7 - 25 Lakhs
Salary in Abroad: INR 25 - 65 Lakhs
Author: Partha K.      Post Date: 26 Apr 2023        
The question is to some extent meaningless.

There are different types of universities or management schools. If a person completes MBA or PGDM from top institutes in India like IIMs at Ahmedabad, Joka, Bangalore, or from FMS, Delhi University, such a student is considered among the very best all over the world.

But, there are thousands of management institutes in India from where students struggle to get the salary of even @Rs.20,000- p.m.

Condition is same in every foreign country. Not every foreign management school can be compared with Harvard or Wharton.
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