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How to become Medical transcriptionist?

This article is about Medical transcription detail and you will know what is Medical transcriptionist or what is Medical transcriber or how to become Medical transcriptionist?

Heart and lung benefits of Arjuna Ayurvedic medicine

Man’s health is associated with healthy function of a heart, but what most of us are not aware of is, many herbal plants are good for many health problems. Of such is Arjuna tree. Best utilization of this tree keeps at bay heart and lung diseases.

Consumer Awareness While Buying Medicines

We all buy various medicines, while we are under for any illness. But have we ever wondered to take notice of the Expiry Date, MRP of the medicine etc. Please read this article, to know more.

List of Jan Aushadhi Medical stores in India to buy cheaper medicines

What do you want as a consumer - branded medicines at higher cost or same medicines at a cheaper price? Jan Aushadhi Medical stores have opened to provide people in India with high quality medicines at low prices. In this article you will get the complete contact information of Jan Aushadhi Medical stores.

Nuclear Medicines and Prevention

Nuclear medicines are dangerous and have hazardous effects, so to use them we have to be very careful during their handling. In this article I had tried to explain about Nuclear Medicines and Prevention for handling Nuclear Medicines.

Medicine can also cause Obesity

The article explains the reason why some medicines cause obesity. It also lists the medicines which in prolonged use increase the body weight.

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