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Methods to improve Memory / Brain Power

A good memory is a very good tool for a student as well as any one in any profession. In this article I have written about how to improve your memory power. Children usually studies every thing but unable to produce it in the Answer sheet because of poor memory power. Here we will learn some simple steps to increase your memory power.

How to improve memorizing skills

In this article I am going to discuss about simple steps that can help anyone to improve his memorizing abilities. These days people complain about their weak memory power and tell that they cannot keep facts for a long time in their minds. Therefore some simple steps can help anyone to improve their skills in memorizing and in this way they can get rid of their weak memory problems.

How can memory be improved?

Every body wants to improve their memory. Memory shows the power of man, so below I have mentioned some basics skills to improve your memory, which will affect your regular life as well as professional life.

How To Boost Up Memory Power The Ayurveda Ways

Don't worry from your weakening memory loss. Some old Ayurvedic treatments help augment your memory power! By treating yourself with these, you can build your memory power angular. This article has the full details of how you can regain your memory loss the Ayurveda ways.

My Sweet Memories Of School Days

I am Pramod from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Till 10th I studied in Sadhana Vidyalaya, Sion Mumbai. Here I am sharing my sweet & golden memories of my childhood. If I will get a chance to go into flash back like movies, there is no doubt that I will enjoy my school life once again with my school friends.

How to memorize things and objects quickly?

In this article, I will discuss how one can memorize things easily and efficiently. By following a few simple techniques, one can increase his capacity to learn and remember.

How to improve your brain power by exercises

You might think that the way to improve your intellect and your ability to remember and concentrate is to exercise your brain by reading lots of books. Surprisingly, that may not be enough. Read this article to know, what to do to sharpen your memory?

My favorite kids book-A sweet memory.

For every person the childhood is the best time in their life and if they get a chance, I am sure they wish to go back to their childhood. In this article, I would like to say about my favorite kids book which I loved throughout my childhood. It is The Three Little Pigs and our teacher used to read it for us during the leisure time. I am sure all kids will love this story.

Some important tips to boost up memory

Do you have a habit to forget everything within the minutes? Are you searching some tips to boost up your memory? Check out this article which will help you to boost up your memory.

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