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Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship 2011, Directorate Of Minority Has Announced The List Of Selected Student

This is to inform that merit-cum-means Scholarship 2011-2012 has been sanctioned for all the states of India and the list of approved students, both fresh applications and renewals, is put up in state wise pattern. The list of selected students cannot be found on the official website and therefore this article helps you find the list of corresponding states. Please find the link for details about applying for merit-cum-means scholarship online for the year 2012-2013 below.

Drawbacks In Communal Violence Bill

UPA Government is notorious for projecting the bills and policies, appeasing the Muslims. The recent communal violence bill is just the continuation of same. The bill has many loophles diving the Indian social fabric. Here is an attempt to throw light on the same.
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