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Know the mistakes to be avoided while using credit card

Over the years, the number of credit card users has been increasing by leaps and bounds in India. Along with this, the number of payment defaulters has also been increasing. Although credit card can help us during emergencies, it can also ruin financial health of the users. In this article, the author discusses the mistakes which the credit card users commit. We have to avoid these mistakes.

5 common mistakes made by writers

Even writers can make mistake like the other human beings which should be rectified. So, they should know the mistakes that they can easily commit. A writer is somebody who gives knowledge and information to the public and hence should be careful.

Top five mistakes to avoid while planning for retirement

Nowadays job stability has become rare. At the same time, life expectancy has improved. So, retirement planning has become imperative. This article informs about five common mistakes in retirement planning and advises the readers not to make these mistakes.

5 investment mistakes to avoid in 2017

Want to know what investment mistakes to avoid in 2017? Looking for best tips on financial planning for 2017? Many of us have taken various resolutions for this year. Let us also take a resolution not to commit mistakes which would hamper our wealth creation. This article discusses five such mistakes which are to be avoided as well as a few useful tips on planning your finances wisely.

Mistakes to avoid while applying for passport

Are you planning to apply for reissue or fresh passport?Have you got your documents in order? Please read on to find out what all mistakes you should avoid to get your application accepted in the first go itself.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to US Colleges

Only 10% of applicants to US universities are accepted. Most students are rejected because of some common application mistakes that can easily be avoided. Find out what Indian students can do to increase their chances of acceptance in US colleges.

Taking personal loan? Don't make these five mistakes

Personal loans are sanctioned by the banks with minimum paperwork and without any collateral. But, don't fall in the debt-trap. Avoid this loan, remember the high rate of interest. However, if you have to take personal loan, avoid the mistakes. Read this article.

Common Mistakes in Resume Writing

Writing a good resume that gets selected by recruiters is an art. In order to write a good resume, one has to understand how the resume is viewed by recruiters. If we try to avoid the most common mistakes while writing then it helps recruiters. In this article we are going to see some of the common mistakes that one should avoid while preparing his resume.

Blogging mistakes to avoid by the beginners - Blogging Tips

There are millions of bloggers out there but only a few of them succeed. To be a successful blogger, you just have to avoid silly mistakes in the beginning of blogging career. Here you'll get to know some common blogging mistakes you should avoid.

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