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How to understand and show affinity towards the aged people?

As age goes up, every aspect of our own body and soul comes down creating a feeling of insecurity, lack of understanding, memory loss, lack of physical strength, etc. This is an age that needs support, love and understanding. That's why this phase of life is called second childhood. This article is about how this old age is supposed to be viewed by the younger generation, and why the understanding is required.

How to face up to the challenges of the old age?

The World Health Organization was established on 7nth April, 1948. WHO in its first assembly held in 1950 had taken the resolution to hold ‘World Health Day’ every year round. Its purpose is to draw every year the attention of world on the newer challenges being faced in the areas of world health. Let’s discuss the quantum of the state of increasing old age, its related complications and methods of preventions.

Tips to have a happy bond with your Parents in their old age

In this article I have shared few tips which every parent and a child should follow to have a healthy relationship with their parents in their old age. Old age is the age where parents expect love and care from their children. So read the article have some idea to understand your parents/children.

How Turmeric benefits Arthritis

The use of turmeric in helping prevention and spread of arthritis is thoroughly explained in this article. The various properties of this home remedy and their positive effect on various aspects of arthritis may hold potential to wipe out artificial arthritis drug industry.
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