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Top 5 free video conferencing apps to conduct online classes

How to take a class online? What tools can be used for online teaching? Video conferencing applications holds a lot of advantages and special features to take live online class effectively from anywhere. Here is a list of the best free video conferencing platforms that teachers can use to conduct online classes for their students.

5 fun activities to make online classes interesting for Kindergarten to Primary school children

Online classes need more attention than traditional teaching classes. Especially when it comes to kids, making them pay attention to the class and to follow instructions are difficult. But it can be brought into practice through fun activities. In this article you will find 5 fun activities that you can do with kids online classes. This would be a great help to break the ice for the newcomers as well.

Some important tips to start online classes

Online classes are the need of the future. This article provides important tips to school leaders, teachers, and parents to start online classes. This article will really help you to make your online classes a great success.

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