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How can parents help kids in an online learning environment

Online learning is the need of the hour. This article explains effective ways for parents to help their kids in virtual learning without causing interference in their studies but lending them complete support and helping them set a routine.

Importance of online education for students

This article gives the knowledge on importance of online education. In this resource, I have specified some online courses that to be learn free of cost. In conclusion of this resource, I have mentioned in what cases online education has its importance.

Importance of Online Learning Apps

Online learning Apps have changed the face of education in India. By developing interest in the subjects through different audio-video aids about the concepts and giving the freedom of learning in a suitable time frame, the online learning apps have become a favourite of most students and even parents

How teachers and parents can play an effective role in online learning

Today all students are studying online as they are not allowed to go to their respective schools. So, both teachers and parents play an important role in making online education effective. The teachers should teach the students with dedication to kindle interest among students. The parents should also see that their child values discipline so that they do not experience any difficulty when the school reopens.

Importance of online learning for students amid covid pandemic

The importance of online learning has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Students are unable to attend their classes due to the health crises, therefore, their education is badly hit. Here, in this article, I have discussed the importance and glitches in the process of e-learning that needs attention so learners can take advantage of this online learning platform.

Top 15 online learning and doubt solving apps for competitive exams

Are you preparing for IIT-JEE or NEET exam? Are you feeling troubled in case of any doubt during your study? Several online websites and apps are assisting in solving doubts. Here is a list of top online learning apps which are very useful for doubt solving during competitive exam preparation.

Online learning- an effective solution on crises created by Coronavirus

Teaching-learning process is very important for students. Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has stop our regular activities and everyone has been stay at home for his/her safety. This restriction to stay at home made disturbance in natural teaching learning process of students. So it would be appropriate to write about how COVID-19 made crises in teaching-learning process and how online learning overcome this crises.

Online Learning v/s Offline Learning

Usually when it comes to type of learning to be opted people get confused and start thinking whether which one of the two is better- Online learning or Offline learning. This might have happened with you also. So, here's an article dealing with a solution to your dilemma. This article deals with online learning and its advantages along with a comparison that would differentiate between online learning and offline learning providing a wider range of coverage.

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