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Durgadevi Saraf Institute Management Programs Admissions For Working Executives

This article gives information on the Master's management degree courses for working executives offered by the Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS), Mumbai for the 2012-2015 session. You will get details about the course structure, , eligibility criteria, fees and apply for admissions to these programs.

The 2013 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade admissions to management programs for working executives

Are you a working executive looking for management courses to enhance your knowledge and skills? This article provides complete information on the admission process to 2013 executive management programs of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). You will get details about the 3 programs offered by IIFT, the syllabus, fees and eligibility requirements as well as how to submit the application process at the IIFT New Delhi and Kolkata campuses.

Higher education after work experience in IT industry in India

This article focuses on the higher education options available for software professionals working in some IT industry in India. The higher education mostly preferred by IT professionals is MBA followed by MS, MTech and ME. A detailed description of these degrees and their impact on the career of the individual is given in this article.

Mechanical and Civil Short Time Courses

This article is about different short term designing courses which will be useful for Mechanical and Civil engineers. After completing diploma and engineering course there are many fields like production, machining and designing. If you are about to select designing field then this airtcle will be useful.

Short Term Courses and their benefits

Short Term Courses are the courses which can be completed within short period of time mainly in our free times. These short term courses help to improve our educational and professional qualifications which help us to improve our confidence level in competitions of daily life. In this article you can get a short cut idea about short term courses and its benefits.

Advantages, disadvantages, features,selection and types of short term courses

This article deals with an overview of various short term courses. By going through the article you can understand the advantages of pursing with a short term course in placing yourself in a better position in the job market. The article would be useful to you in case you are planning to do a short term course. Just go through article.
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