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Know how to organize your finances in the new financial year

The new financial year has started on 1st April. It's high time to review the performance of your existing investments. It is appropriate time to decide new investment, insurance, tax saving, NPS and loan servicing. Do it at the beginning of the year, instead of waiting for the last moment. Decide logically without any undue influence and reap optimum benefit.

Know how to link multiple EPF accounts

Nowadays people working in private sector change their jobs relatively more frequently due to various reasons. Such employees should merge their multiple EPF accounts for their own convenience. Learn the procedure of online merging of EPF accounts.

Know how to plan for your child's wedding

Despite many changes in Indian society, till now, the marriage of child/children is the responsibility of Indian parents. Wedding is a costly affair. How can the parents prepare themselves to fulfil this responsibility? Read this article to know.

Investment instrument: Know about Gold ETF

Over a period of time, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming more and more popular among the gold investors all over the world. The author discusses Gold ETF and its various advantages in this article. Read to know the details.

5 things about personal finance and savings all women should know

A small article on simple things in savings and personal finance every layman (or woman) should know. All too often the terms "tax" or "SIP" make women apprehensive. It need not be so. Women are natural investors and risk takers. Just a basic understanding of a few savings and finance instruments will go a long way in making one financially empowered.

Useful tips to manage personal finance

Managing personal finance does not involve only earning and saving. Various other factors like saving income tax, optimising insurances, setting up goals and preparing a will are also essential parts of managing personal finance. This article provides a valuable insight on these aspects of personal finance.

Saving your personal finance in the heat of falling value of rupee

The break in over your saving and investment by the weakening rupee is intensifying by the day. Under the situation, you need to adopt double strategy on the front of your personal finance. The article suggests some ways and means of adopting the kind of strategy you should delve in to save your investment portfolio as the falling value of rupee would eat away your entire hard-earned money within no time.
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