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How The Mystery Of Your Personality Is Hidden In Your Forehead?

Forehead is the mirror of a person. The size and shape of a person tells the story of his life. The beading lines over his face unravel the mysteries of his personality. Upon the basis of different types of forehead could be known the characteristic of all the virtues and vices of a person. Let’s discuss this subject through this article.

Factors Determining Personality

Our personality is shaped biological as well as social factors. This article explains the factors which determines a personality. The factors determining personality are broadly divided into two categories namely bio- chemical and socio- cultural

Meaning and definition of the word personality

This article explains the word personality. This article explains the different definitions given by the different psychologists. Personality has a long popular usage. The term personality is derived from the latin root personna.

What are prejudices and what are its role in Personality Development?

In this article, I will explain what are prejudices and what are the roles of prejudices in Personality Development. In this world, most of the people have some prejudices against something. Prejudices have negative roles as well as positive roles. Following are the meaning and roles of prejudices.

Satya Sai Baba - Departure of a charismatic personality

This piece throws light on the life of Satya Sai Baba who was worshipped as Avatar by the millions of his devotees scattered throughout the world over. This article traces his history beginning his birth till he breathed his last. There is no heir to his 40000 crores of legacies left behind. Controversy is reigning round on this score. This essay on him is a rational analysis of his most touted magical spells he wielded on his followers and admirers during his life time.

Integrated personality

Characteristics and importance of Integrated personality. Read this article for more detail on various personality.

Teachers personality and maladjustment

All about how teachers personality and maladjustment affect the children. Read to know more about how teachers get affected because of various causes of service instability and why it leads to mal-adjustment in teachers.

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