PES or VIT - which is the better college for engineering?

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Author: Tony John      Post Date: 06 May 2023           
My son studies engineering in VIT, Vellore. he is currently doing his 3rd year B Tech in Computer Science.

We carefully considered several colleges including PES, Manipal Institute of Technology, VIT etc. PES and VIT were shortlisted at the end.

We chose VIT over PES for a few reasons:

1. VIT has got a larger campus with more international exposure.

2. PES is highly academic oriented but VIT has a wide range of activities, clubs and opportunities for students.

3. VIT ranks much higher than VIT in national and international rankings.

4. Since PES is located in Bangalore, a lot of IT companies from Bangalore come for campus recruitments in PES. From that perspective, PES is a better choice for an average student. However, people are looking for more opportunities and companies beyond Bangalore, VIT is probably a better choice.

We finally chose VIT Vellore primarily because of the pure academic nature of PES. However, please note that PES is not a wrong choice at all. If you are looking for a campus that focuses on academics and discipline, PES is a good choice.

In VIT, attendance in classes is not mandatory if you score well in the exams. My son usually skips a lot of classes and stays in the hostel to focus on programming and the various coding clubs he is part of.

VIT also has a good start-up culture. A lot of senior students start their own startups. Even if they don't survive a long time, it still gives a lot of exposure and opportunities for students. My son is part of 2 startups from his second year onwards.
Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
Both institutes are having some positive points and some negative points. Both institutes are very well known in India. VIT is known in some foreign countries also.

About PES

1. PES is very famous for its Computer Science and Information Science branches. It is situated in Karnataka.
2. Top IT companies visit this site for campus placements.
3. The faculty is very experienced and regarded as one of the best faculties.
4. Syllabus is well planned
5. The campus is small
6. The grades will be awarded based on the marks as well as attendance.
7. Some students say the campus is more like a school campus than a college campus.

About VIT

1. VIT is well known across India and abroad. The conduct entrance test VITEEE.
2. VIT's infrastructure is supposed to be one of the bests in the country.
3. VIT is best for its core branches
4. Some well-known corporates conduct campus interviews in core branches for their recruitment.
5. Intake is very high. So, the focus on an individual student may be less.

One of my relatives is working in the placement section of a private university. I have a talk with him earlier on this topic. He said that VIT is known for its core branches and PESIT is known for its Computer related branches.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
Both PES and VIT University, which I have personally encountered, are top possibilities for engineering courses, in my opinion. PES University has excellent facilities, a broad range of course offerings, and a distinguished faculty. A vast variety of organizations and extracurricular activities make up the university's fantastic campus life. The college also features a cutting-edge library with access to the most recent publications, equipment, and books.

The facilities at VIT University are equally spectacular, featuring cutting-edge labs, contemporary classrooms, and fully furnished lecture halls. The college also offers top-notch student support services, and a committed team is available to assist students with both their academic and personal requirements.

The campus life at VIT is also very active, with lots of sporting and cultural events in addition to its well-known yearly fest. For engineering studies, PES University and VIT University are also top alternatives. Every college has different characteristics, therefore before choosing one, it's vital to take into account your own requirements and preferences.
Author: Algo Shaji      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
I can state that both PES and VIT University offered engineering programmes, and that each has pros and drawbacks. The finest faculty for me was at PES University, where I found knowledgeable professors and support personnel who were always willing and able to assist me with my coursework. Also, the campus was well-equipped with contemporary facilities and resources, making it simple for me to get access to the things I needed for my studies.

Yet, VIT University was a terrific place to be, with a big student body and lots of social events. Also, the college's placement programme was excellent, and many of my colleagues were able to land fantastic employment with reputable businesses.

However, both institutions of higher learning provide excellent opportunities for learning, so choosing one over the other really comes down to personal preferences. In the end, I discovered that PES and VIT Universities were both excellent choices for getting an engineering degree.
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