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Origins of Physics and its application in various fields

Physics is one of the oldest branch of science. The basic principles of physics explain almost all the natural phenomenons that we come across everyday. The basic principles have also been used in chemistry and other branches of science. Physics is one of the primary pillars on which the whole framework of science stands. Without Physics its impossible to explain most important phenomenons in the universe. This article provides an in depth valuation on the subject of Physics.

Preparation tips for scoring more marks in Physics subject in EAMCET

Are you looking for the preparation tips to be followed for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject in EAMCET? This article covers all details useful for scoring more marks in physics subjects for both Engineering and Medicine aspirant students. Go through the entire article and remember the tips and points for scoring more marks in physics section in EAMCET examination.

Centrifugal Force : Examples In Daily Life

We come across many scientific application in daily but we do not know principle. This is principle of centrifugal force we come across in daily life. This is principle from physics.Centrifuge machine is classic example of centrifugal force. Washing machine is also one example of this force.

How to measure the AC source frequency using sonometer and electromagnet

In this project, I explain how to measure the AC mains frequency using sonometer and electromagnet in the lab. Basically the frequency f of a stretched string depends upon the length of the string l, the tension T, and the mass per unit length m. Defined by relation f=1/2l v(T/m). The wire is made to vibrate by passing AC current of unknown frequency and when frequency of stretched string is in resonance with AC source frequency then the frequency of AC mains n is equal to the frequency f of wire.

Thermodynamics - First Law of Thermodynamics

In this article, I have narrated about the applications of the first law of thermodynamics and also the various processes in it. I have also added some few information about the several identies like woek. energy flow, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy etc.

How are electric magnets made to work?

This experiment is not so common but very useful for physics. In this we'll see how electric magnet is made and how it works with simple experiment. It is nice for students and teachers will also be happy.Please follow each and every line carefully.

What Is Physics And What Is Its Application In Production Of Energy?

The universe is composed of matter and energy. This energy is conserved, i.e. it is neither created nor destroyed, but it can convert from one form to other form, according law of conservation of energy. The physics determines routs to convert the available energy to the form which is useful for human being. The following article throw light on the conversion of energy.

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