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Hindu Pilgrimage in Neemsar-Mishrikh

This article gives information about Neemsar-Mishrikh, one of the most sacred pilgrimage to Hindus. This is known as the most acknowledged place for rishi muni to meditate, learn, study and acquire knowledge. Pilgrimage to Badrinath and Kedarnath considered incomplete without a visit to this place. This place is known as abode of 33 Crores God-Goddess.

Pilgrimage to St. Thomas shrine, Malayattoor

In this resource, I have written about Malayattoor pilgrimage which is a shrine of St. Thomas, the apostle who came to India. Thousands of pilgrims come to Malayattoor which is also being accorded as an international shrine of St. Thomas.

Pilgrimage mixed with tourism at Prayagraj

Strange is this rainbow of faith. This dissertation puts emphasis on the fact that this is not the meeting point of merely three rivers at Prayag. Different culture, traditions and centuries old customs of the country also unite during the Kumbh period. Do have a glance over the happenings taking place on the location through this description where everyone is in search of an unending life.

Makar Sankranti: A period of divine pilgrimage

Makarsakrati, also known as ‘khichadi’ in some regions of the Indian states occurs every January. This is an auspicious day for the Hindus. A strange convergence of stars and constellations occurs on this day in the sky. It is said after this day onward, good works could be initiated to culminate into happy conclusion. This article details how the people of different states in India celebrate this propitious day.

Pilgrimage to Tapovan: A place heaven bound

The beginning of spiritualism begins with exhilaration and yatra is a part of that merriment. Tapovan, where the extreme peace reigns supreme and is far away from human environs covered with snowy mountains is worth visiting and an experience of a life time. This article takes up the pilgrimage to Tapovan in the form of a travelogue which I do expect you to enjoy to its hilt.

Guideline for Hajj Pilgrimage for Indians

In this article, we are going to discuss various important guidelines for Indian Muslims to perform their Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Mecca. We will find the details of contact details to form submission till the travel and return from Saudi Arabia. The procedure of Hajj for all Muslims brother and sister.

Tourism: A Pilgrimage To ‘Puducherry- Famous For Its French Culture

Pudducheri (formerly known as Pondicherry)- mother of the French literature, art and philosophy, was created keeping the French culture in view. Today Puducherry is famous for its glorious past through out the world as a live example of the French culture. Mausoleum of the great spiritual saint of the 20th century Sri Arvind was built up here where tourists throng in great number. Let’s come to feel this place of great philosophical importance through this present dissertation.

Santhome Basilica in Chennai – A Historical Pilgrimage

This article is about Santhome basilica a religious monument which had a historical basis in Mylapore. Santhome basilica is one of the three churches in the world which holds the tomb of Apostles of Jesus Christ. St. Thomas is the apostle of Jesus after whom the church stands today in the name Santhome.

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