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Hamirpur: The Heart Of The Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. This article provides information about this beautiful place which is well known for its patriots and . It is rich of culture and is famous for its folk music and traditional culture which is still alive at this place.

Tourism: A Visit to Prayag, Allahabad

Allahabad is famous for the Kumbh mela, archealogical sites and has always been in the headlines of Indian politics. Allahabad is steeped in mythology of prayag, also called Triveni or Sangam. Prayag is the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Allahabad was first named as Ilabash. It was Shah Jahan who changed the name to Illahabad which meant abode of Allah. In 1858 the British shifted their headquarter from Agra to Illahabad and the Britishers pronounced it as Allahabad.

Tourism: A Trip To Gujarat-Where The Joy Of ‘Dandiya’ And ‘Garba’ Reigns Supreme

The bliss of ‘Dandia and ‘Garba’, kite flying, and the romantic air wafting in Gujarat attract the tourists from across India in great number. The garish coloured attires of people with glittering mirror works stitched all over it, the great Run of Kutch, the foaming tides of seas, the dense forests of Gir, the olden temples telling the sagas of its rich past win over the hearts of the visiting tourists to the fullest. Let’s travel around places in Gujarat through this article.

Rampura: A Historical Place to Visit

Rampura is a small town of Neemuch district of M.P. It has its own history. You can find here many things to visit. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting mountain and ringwall. I am providing some places of Rampura to visit.

Enjoying The Winter Vacation On Mountains

India is called the pride and playground of nature on earth because 6 seasons spreads its beauty here. There is the African scorching heat here as well as the joy of European snowfall. The scene of rainbow produced from the falling rays on the snow clad Himalayan peaks and the skiing on the snowy mountainous surface gives off the feel of a lifetime. This article acquaints you with the surprises in store there for you to enjoy.

A tour to Sri Lanka: An Island Nation in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is a small Island nation situated in the Indian Ocean. It is called ‘Tear Drop India’ because it is situated at a very short distance from the southern edges of India. This country’s geographical position is so much full of diversities that it has carved out a special niche of its own in the map of tourism world. This article will take you along a trip to this breathtaking island nation.

Tourism: Tanzania- A Treasure Trove Of Nature’s Wonders

If you wish to see the splendorous wonders of nature, go to Tanzania. You shall be so lost into the astounding beauty of this place that you shall never wish to come back home. Enjoy the trip until you go visiting the place through this present piece of writing.

Tourist attractions in Kanyakumari district

Kanyakumari district has always been a memorable place for the tourists. Because of the beautiful landscapes and pleasant climatic conditions, this place has always attracted tourists from different parts of the world. This article includes the tourist places in Kanyakumari district and their significance. It also gives the travel route, if you are planning to visit all the places.

Tourist Attraction: A Trip To Atlanta, Capital City Of Georgia In The United States

Haven’t visited Atlanta yet? You haven’t read the book 'Gone with the wind' even? Doesn’t matter! Wake up now and go visiting the stately place. You won’t regret your visit. The season at this place remains pleasant through out the year due to which, this place is the most favoured one for the tourists from across the world. Let’s wade through this beatific city from this essay.

Istanbul, the bridge between two continents

In this article, I would like to share the information regarding the city named Istanbul. This city is situated in Turkey and has the name of great historical city. This article will help to know about the history lifestyle and most visited places of the Istanbul city.
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