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Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

This article is all about NAM i.e. Non-Aligned Movement. In this I discussed about the formation of NAM, its meaning, its main objectives, list of Summits, its total members and the condition to be a member of NAM.

CommonWealth or CommonHealth?

The article figures out that the benefits of the local Delhi citizens have been kept at stake for the CommonWealth games.

Highlights of AAP performance in Indian politics

Aam Aadmi Party under Arvind Kejriwal made a spectacular debut at Delhi polls. What has been AAP's election manifesto so far? Does AAP stand a chance to win General Elections 2014 after winning 28 seats in Delhi elections? How was AAP formed and what were the key moments that helped AAP perform exceedingly well at Delhi polls? How was the AAP funding raised? Here, we will go through a series of events that led to AAP's formation and it's successful campaigning for Delhi polls.

Does Priyanka Vadra want to join active politics?

There are many questions hidden in whether Priyanka wants to join active politics or not. Why is there the self-restraint from Priyanka's side in joining politics? This article holds the view that the activities of Priyanka in Congress are directly linked with the failures of Rajiv's leadership. In the welcoming songs of Priyanka, the farewell tune of Rahul is heard. This editorial takes the educated guess of the speculation floating in air of Priyanka, joining the active politics.

The relationship of riots with politics

We and not the government will have to be active to avert a second a calamity like Muzaffernagar in future, concurs this dissertation. The mistake that we are committing is that we are not looking within our hearts. During the delicate times of violence, we have been adding fuel to the fire. If we could met out hard punishment to the administration at fault, perhaps no second Muzaffernagar will happen in future. The article suggests some remedial cure to this vexatious problem also.

Riots in UP are the ugly consequences of the vote bank politics

This is due to the so-called secularism and politics of divisionism as well as the nourishment to the extremist elements that have been stoking the fire of rioting, spreading from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This violence, rearing its ugly head, engulfing the different parts of western UP is the bloodied result of pacification of extremism done in the name of secularism, says this article.

Mumbai University Department of Civics & Politics PG admissions 2013

Would you like to take up a PG course in Politics? This article gives details about the 2013 admission program for M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in Politics of the University of Mumbai. You will also get details about the university's PG Diploma programs in Human Rights and International Studies.

Empowerment of Women in Indian Politics

Indian women are also walking with the same speed as the men are. Modern women are no longer a servant for serving the men. They have reached on the top in the every field of life. This article deals with the empowerment of women in politics. They are holding very important offices and giving a tough fight to men.

Dimple Yadav- the Yadav Bahu now rising star in national politics

This article gives the profile of Dimple Yadav, wife of Akhileah Yadav- the present UP Chief Minister. She is also the daughter-in-law of Mulayaam Singh Yadav, former UP ChiefMinister and Smajawadi party supreme. She is now in the news highlights for the reason that she stands unoppossed in the bye election for the Kannauj Lok Sabha constituency. Just before the official announcement coming, this article is useful for all who want to know about Dimple Yadav.

Youth in Indian Politics

In Indian politics youth has no active contribution.There are mostly big age people are active in Indian politics.There are many faults coming in Indian politics now a days so there are many hopes with youth and Indian politics need them now.
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