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Social Media and its effect on our Political Perceptions

This article discusses the effect of social media on our political life. This question has indeed become significant in the current context considering how political parties and groups can use social media to shape our minds in a particular manner. In this context, it is important to understand the nature of this effect.

Secularism in India - A work in progress

India presents a unique example of secularism in front of the world. However, the journey of Indian secularism has not always been smooth. There have been periodic ups and downs. Yet, the nation as a whole seems to sustain a belief in this concept. Read this article to know more about this topic.

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

This article is all about NAM i.e. Non-Aligned Movement. In this I discussed about the formation of NAM, its meaning, its main objectives, list of Summits, its total members and the condition to be a member of NAM.

CommonWealth or CommonHealth?

The article figures out that the benefits of the local Delhi citizens have been kept at stake for the CommonWealth games.

Student Politics in educational institutes - pros, cons and solutions

Should there be politics in educational institutes? This is an extremely old question which has assumed renewed significance with the incidents at Jadavpur University. The article tries to provide an in-depth analysis of the topic, with various examples as well as a solution out of the current problem.

Coalition Politics in India - History, Problems and Prospects

Coalitions have almost invariably been associated with instability and focus on petty politics rather than actual governance. This article tries to refute this claim. In the beginning, a brief history of coalitions in India has been given. Then an attempt has been made to point out the areas where coalitions are better than an absolute majority by a single party. The problems of coalitions and ways to solve them also form parts of our discussion.

Understanding politics and economy of the Indian middle class

The Indian middle class is the chief driver of the Indian economy. It is also superbly connected and has power centers everywhere. Yet, this class, as a whole, also has certain characteristics that make it so unique. Certain dimensions of the same are discussed in some detail in this article.

Time for a big paradigm shift in Indian politics

The last five years has been marked by a massive amount of Centralization of power. This has lead to a situation where the Prime Minister's office is overactive and does everything. This is not at all good for the social fabric of the country and the people. We need a total paradigm shift in Indian politics. Some ideas relevant to this theme are sought to be discussed in this article.
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