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Problems in political system of India and possible remedies

This article describes problems in the system of politics of India. The problems are given as a list and provided with detailed information in easily understandable way. The remedy to this problem is given in this write-up. Coalition governments and political inheritance are also included as problems.

Coalition Politics in India - History, Problems and Prospects

Coalitions have almost invariably been associated with instability and focus on petty politics rather than actual governance. This article tries to refute this claim. In the beginning, a brief history of coalitions in India has been given. Then an attempt has been made to point out the areas where coalitions are better than an absolute majority by a single party. The problems of coalitions and ways to solve them also form parts of our discussion.

Ten reasons why young and intelligent should join politics in India

The participation of the youth in national level politics has so far been not very encouraging. Emergence of Anna Hazare power and entry of Baba Ramdev in politics are the factors which have shown that we must enter politics to clean it.Here is an appeal to the youth class to enter our political system and render selfless service to the nation.

Politics in India

This resource describes the current scenario of how politics is in India and its impact on students.It also gives a small solution of how to change the current existing scenario in the coming years.

Politician and the corporate houses

This article is penned with to make the common people who are not aware to the political games, the corporate and the politicians hand in glove friendship, Bhatta Parsaul massacre only for money for election, Mayawati and Congress befooling the poor people and raising the slogan of development,the only thing which has been the least in past 63 years.

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