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How to book IRCTC outstation railway tickets on mobile phone by SMS

Do you know that now it is possible to book train ticket by sending an SMS ? This article provides complete information on the method for booking Indian railway tickets via SMS from your mobile phone. Follow the step by step guidance on how to do the rail ticket reservation from your phone.

How to book train tickets through IRCTC online with E-Tickets

Are you still doing reservation from PRS counters for travelling in trains? Do you still stand in a long unending queue to secure your seat in a railway coach? Or there is still a fear in your mind about the Online Transaction? If yes, then these days are now gone away for you. In this article, I will describe all those hurdles in detail so that you can book your tickets without any difficulty or confusion.

Tips for online railway ticket booking

Some tips for train ticket booking using IRCTC website. Are you looking for information about book a ticket online at IRCTC website? Wondering whether your ticket will be the same as in a actual ticket? Check the Resources in ISC for more detailed information.

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