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Right of children to free and compulsory education act 2009

This article includes the salient feature of Right of children to free and compulsory education act 2009. I have discussed some of the important points of RTE act for quick reference. This article will immensely help all teachers, students and parents of India.

Agencies Of The United Nations: Objective, Headquarters And Functions

In this article, I will explain about different International agencies which are working on global level to resolve various issues related to Environment and for peaceful living of Human Beings. Such agencies are UNICEF, WHO and UNESCO. Headquarters, objectives and functions of these agencies are described in this article in detail.

Different contributors for newspaper, other than reporters

In this resource, I want to explain that the news reporter is not the only writer for the newspaper. There are other expert writers or columnists too, who periodically write and publish the and who subject matter and approach range far and wide.

BSNL Broadband VS Airtel Broadband

I will Explain to you which Broadband service is better and why......?? moreover,Also provides you with Good and bad deeds of this two companies.

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How to get started with animation

Interested in creating educational animated videos? Looking out for help to make these videos? Check out this page for responses from experts on basic animation requirements and courses for beginners.
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