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Additional advantages of a savings bank account

Do you fully utilize your savings bank account? Most of us will be having an opinion that whenever we don't find any suitable investment option, we keep our money in a savings bank account. But there are many more advantages in having a savings bank account than what we generally think of.

Best bank to open savings account in India

Searching for the best bank to open savings account? Need to know which bank offers highest interest for savings account? Read the article below to know more about savings account in different bank. Below I have given the best nationalized and private bank to open savings account.

How to select a good savings account?

Are you planning to open a savings account with a bank? Then read this article before going ahead. This article provides a gist of factors which can affect the selection of a savings account and help an individual earn high interest and incur lower operating charges.

How to open SBI savings bank account

In this article, I am going to tell you about simple steps to open a state bank account. State bank of India is the largest bank in India that provides with all aspects of banking. It has various options available where you can open a current or saving account, loans, and insurances and get best ways of investment. A state bank account eases you to do transactions throughout the country. Let us have a look.

How to open a savings account in SBI

SBI is the biggest bank in India. SBI savings account offers numerous facilities. This resource gives an idea how to open a savings account in SBI.

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How banks calculate interest of savings account?

Are you wondering why different banks have varying interest rates on savings account? In this thread you can get information on what is the criteria used by banks to calculate the interest rates for a savings account.
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