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How To Maintain A Cordial Relationship In The Society

Building relationship with the members of the society and maintaining it in a healthy way is very important for an individual. Relationships play a key role in the growth and development of an individual in particular and the society in general. In this article you will find some important ways to maintain a healthy relationship with the members of the society.

Ways To Bridge The Gap Between Rich And Poor

The gap between the rich and poor can be bridged by understanding the importance of merit-based system, inculcating values, thinking of the long-term goal and taking practical steps. The menace of rich and poor gap is really harmful to everyone and may strike anybody when they are undergoing struggle phase.

Does Engineering make a beneficial contribution to the society?

Engineering has an effect on all aspects of everyday life. Since we all benefit from Engineering's results, it's moral to recognize the position of Engineering and how it responds to society's needs. In this article, I discuss how Engineering leads to societal well-being.

Globalization and its impact on society

Are you searching for content to write an essay on Globalization? Are you looking for a Globalization topic to prepare notes for your upcoming exams? Then read this article to gain knowledge about Globalization, its features and its importance. You will also learn about its components, advantages and disadvantages of globalization and the impact of globalization in India.

How to apply for prestigious Royal Society UK Newton Fellowship Scheme 2020

Are you interested to join Newton International Fellowship Scheme 2020? The Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal Society and the British Academy, jointly has invited applications from Indian and other nationals to apply for the Newton International Fellowship Scheme 2020. Read this article to get all the details on the overview, eligibility, application procedure and timelines.

Why should we encourage dissent in our society

In a vast country like India, we need to have different points of view presented by Indians from different parts of the country. It is very dangerous to allow any single narrative of any political party or a significant group to walk away with narrow interpretations of events in society or issues. Dissent is something that needs to be encouraged in our society; some dimensions are being discussed in this article.

Understanding why excessive desire is dangerous in any society

Desires are basic to human beings. Without desires there can never be any progress in any society. However, excessive desires create huge problems at every level. It does affect societies in other countries and their lives at an international level as well. Some undesirable effects of excessive desires are discussed in some detail in this article.

Understanding why pre-conceived notions are very dangerous in any society

Pre-conceived notions are beliefs or attitudes we have about individuals, groups and even an entire society. These are sometimes based on what we hear or see from individual experiences. They are hence based on perceptions. Some dangers of such pre-conceived notions are sought to be discusses in some detail in this article.

Online applications for Atomic Energy Education Society School Teachers recruitment 2018

Are you looking for career opportunities as a PGT, TGT or PRT school teacher in India? Atomic Energy Education Society (AEES) is accepting online applications for teaching vacancies in various subjects at its schools across India. This article provides complete information about the subject-wise vacancies, eligibility requirements and how to apply for the 2018 AEES teaching jobs.

Physics, Technology and Society: the basic NCERT Concept

In this article we will be discussing the interrelation between Physics, Technology and Society. We will also be discussing about the contributions of many scientists in the field of Physics. The knowledge shared in this article will be helpful for gaining general knowledge about Physics.

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