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How to pursue a career as an astronaut?

In this article, I will explain how to pursue a career as an astronaut. I will also explain if it is possible to become an astronaut, national aeronautics and space administration, recruitment in NASA, qualification requirement, additional qualifications, how to proceed as an Indian aspirant, the huge turn around in the syllabus of astronaut etc. Also, know the future prospective in the professional field of astronauts.

Knowledge about space

Every one is curious about space. When you think about space sun, solar system, Universe and astronauts comes to our mind. In this article you can find interesting facts and information about space.

Artificial Satellites: Its Various Types And Functions

We all know that when the movements on earth and space have to be tracked upon or the information of weather has to be forecasted, all of these important works depend on the satellites. For all these purposes, the necessary equipments are fitted but the most vital factor above all is the launching of the satellite on the exact required distance from earth into space. Let’s know regarding the wonder world of these artificial satellites through this dissertation.

The Development of Astrobiology as a Science

One of the unsolved mysteries which is very difficult to solve is the origin of the universe. Astrobiology is the study of this mystery and hopefully we will be able to solve it. Under astrobiology we search for living organisms around the universe other than Earth. Astrobiology makes use of almost all branches of science to find living organisms beyond Earth.

How to apply for ISRO's Young Scientist Programme 2020

Is your ward or child in class 9 and interested in space related subjects? Is he or she desirous of taking up a career in the space industry? Then learn here about the Young Scientist Programme that will help your child in getting basic knowledge about the world of space.

Innovations in satellite technology to save endangered whales

Whales are giant aquatic mammals. This large group of species is collectively known as cetaceans. They breathe air through the blowhole, unlike other fishes that use gills for the purpose. Reports say that such a fascinating creature is on the verge of extinction. Let's find out more about the satellite project which is used to count the number of whales.

Earth2Orbit – The first private space start-up in India

Ever heard of Earth2Orbit? Ever imagined seeing an Indian private company in the field of space? Earth2Orbit, the first space-based Indian company started by Dr Susmita Mohanty, a woman space enthusiast cum entrepreneur aiming to revolutionize the space industry in the country. Learn here all about the venture and its founder CEO.

Post Graduate course in Aerospace Medicine at IAM, Bangalore

Do you wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in Aerospace Medicine? Are you searching for admission details into the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM)? Find details of admission procedure, eligibility, age limit and other requirements that you will need to fulfil.

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