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How to pursue a career as an astronaut?

In this article, I will explain how to pursue a career as an astronaut. I will also explain if it is possible to become an astronaut, national aeronautics and space administration, recruitment in NASA, qualification requirement, additional qualifications, how to proceed as an Indian aspirant, the huge turn around in the syllabus of astronaut etc. Also, know the future prospective in the professional field of astronauts.

Knowledge about space

Every one is curious about space. When you think about space sun, solar system, Universe and astronauts comes to our mind. In this article you can find interesting facts and information about space.

Artificial Satellites: Its Various Types And Functions

We all know that when the movements on earth and space have to be tracked upon or the information of weather has to be forecasted, all of these important works depend on the satellites. For all these purposes, the necessary equipments are fitted but the most vital factor above all is the launching of the satellite on the exact required distance from earth into space. Let’s know regarding the wonder world of these artificial satellites through this dissertation.

The Development of Astrobiology as a Science

One of the unsolved mysteries which is very difficult to solve is the origin of the universe. Astrobiology is the study of this mystery and hopefully we will be able to solve it. Under astrobiology we search for living organisms around the universe other than Earth. Astrobiology makes use of almost all branches of science to find living organisms beyond Earth.

Angry Birds Space launched on Android, Apple iOS, Mac and PC on March 22- review

This article deals with the launch of Angry Birds Space on March 22, 2012. The developer of the Angry Birds Space, the Finnish entertainment company Rovio, calls it the the biggest ever launch by it. Angry Birds Space will the most popular mobile game which is being made available on Google Android, App iO, Mac and Pc simultaneously. The developer of Angry Birds have a tie up with NASA to popularise the game for which a teaser video is already released.

How to save the floor space of your small apartments flat?

Whether it is a 1 room or a 2 bedroom flat, your flat is your dwelling. When there are the twin challenges of the space being small and the budget also small, learn the trick of cleverness of decorating your smallish nest through this dissertation below. Let’s come to decorate the little abode with the beauteous and space saver furniture. The space is too modest in 1-2 room apartments’ flats these days.

Indian Space Research Organisation and its innovative resarch

Indian Space Research Organization is a premier space research institute of India. The ISRO brought the revolution in the sectors of India, including agriculture to communication since decades by showing sustained growth in the space technology. A brief article about the path covered by ISRO in space research

Achievements Of Man In The Field Of Space Exploration

The following article talks about the achievements of man in the field of space exploration which started 50 years ago on 12th April, 1961 when Yuri Gagarin became the first to go to space & see the earth from outside which was never done before by any human being.

Indian space research programme by ISRO 2011

Indian space research programme by Indian space research organization(ISRO) was explained in this article. The remote sensing satellites like aryabatta, different types of rockets created by ISRO are explained in this resource. This article will help you to understand the space developments done by India.

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