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Importance Of Sports In A Student Life

This article is important for students who are lazy. I think that after reading this article one may get inspiration to play more games. As health is wealth, sports have their own importance in every one's life.

Top 10 cheapest sports car in India

If you are a sports car fan this the article for you. As many people face the problem in selecting a perfect car for them this article will surely help them. This article contains list of India's cheapest sports car which are high in performance and comfort.

Brief Details Of Latest Young And Talented Beautiful Indian Sportswomen

Sports are not only represent play but also beauty. Indian sportswomen, apart from getting success in their respective sport are attracting fans through their beauty. Here in this article, I would like to share the brief details of beautiful Indian sportswomen, who are entertaining fans with both game and beauty.

Shelly Woods Biography- A Rising Star Of Paralympic Sports

Shelly Woods, a paralympic athlete of United Kingdom is again set to participate in the 2012 London paralympic games. She participates in wheelchair racing and is having an eye to achieve the gold medal this year. This article describes the life and career achievements of Shelly Woods. It also contains the profile of Shelly Woods. Read for information on Shelly Woods.

Drug abuse-Use of hormonal agents in sports

Doping is an easy way through which a sports person artificially and temporarily increases his/her natural capacity. Some athletes use certain hormones like growth hormones, contraceptives, and anabolic steroids to improve their performance. Here I will talk about these hormonal agents which are banned in sports field because of their harmful effects on health.

The endangered childhood sports of Indian villages

This book is about the sports which are endangered now but once upon a time played by the children of the Indian villages. In our childhood also we have played a lot of these games. But with the changing time and society these sports are almost lost.

Sports channels on Indian television and their importance

This resource contains the information on various sports channels in India. There are so many channels running and so many programs are coming and so much of cricket is there that we have forget to view the other sports. When we shuffle the channels we will mostly find cricket running. So here we will see which channels gives us variety of sports and which are the best in viewing.

Best locations for adventure sports in India

Due to the geographical locations and conditions of India, adventurous sports are becoming more and more popular. This resource will show you some of the best locations for different kinds of adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping, para gliding, sky diving, jet skiing etc.

Adventure sports in India

This article is a review of different adventure sports that can be enjoyed in India at various destinations, with a short note in the end regarding precautionary measures that should be observed.

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