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How The Spine Fracture Is Treated With The Stem Cell?

Stem cell therapy is proving to be a success in treating the spinal cord injury. What is this stem cell therapy and how is it implanted into body? This article enlightens you what this process means, about the types of stem cells and how it is derived.

How Helpful Is Stem Cells Treatment For Kidney Patients?

Stem cells treatment has come forward as last rays of hope for kidney patients apart from many other diseases. This article explains that when all other doors are closed for your kidney ailment this door is the last hope open for you which will bring about dramatic improvements in the state of your health. What is the speciality of this treatment? Please read on.

Know about three new areas of modern research in medical science

Medical Science has been progressing by leaps and bounds, thus increasing the life expenctancy and improving quality of life. However, modern researches on stem cells, development of artificial organs like liver and advancement in robotic surgery are oepning new vistas of treatment. Read the article to know about these areas of research.
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