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The changing trends of students and teachers

The trends of teaching has changed drastically. During the yesteryears, the students were treated very strictly and today the teachers are treated strictly. But, both of them should realize their role and play their role effectively. Both of them should be laid with moderate terms and conditions.

Are parents pressurized due to online education

In this debate, I am narrating the pressures the students and parents are experiencing due to online education. The teachers and principals expect that the students should remain motivated despite the schools remaining closed. They should understand the present situation and arrange for school cirriculum.

Should dull students be detained or promoted - a debate

In this debate, I have explained the advantages of promoting the students who flunk in the exams. Some of the students are slightly weaker in a subject or two and they should be promoted to the next level. But, some students should be detained due to some genuine reasons. So, the government should wisely decide the students who should be detained.

Importance of online learning for students amid covid pandemic

The importance of online learning has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Students are unable to attend their classes due to the health crises, therefore, their education is badly hit. Here, in this article, I have discussed the importance and glitches in the process of e-learning that needs attention so learners can take advantage of this online learning platform.

How do students cheat during online exams

Do you wonder what tricks students follow to crack an online exam by cheeating? Here are some clever ways by which students cheat in online exam- be it proctored exam or non- proctored exam.

How to make English interesting for non-English medium students

In education, everything is based on experience. Those with innovative methods of teaching will obviously be more effective than those who do not innovate at all. Based on shared experiences of some school and college teachers and my own experience, the possible methods of making English interesting to learn for non-English medium students are discussed in some detail in this article.

Opportunities of Online Competitions for Students on International Day of Biological Diversity

Are you getting bored in your homes? Why not start some activities. You might be aware that the International Day of Biological Diversity is about to come. In this article, details of online competitions are provided which are being organized on the occasion of the International Day of Biological Diversity-2020 in different States. You can win a cash prize. Besides, the participation certificate will be given to each participant. Read this article and participate as per your interest.

Best digital libraries for school students to read and download free e-books

Are you a high school student getting ready for board examinations? Are you worried about not being able to attend your favourite library because of the lockdown? Here is a list of top online libraries for school students where you can access thousands of free e-books and academic journals. Keep reading!

Govt of India ICCR scholarship for African students to study in India

Are you an African student looking for some support for your higher studies in India? In that case, the Indian government has brought to you a scholarship program called the ICCR scholarship. This scholarship program is meant for African students and it is supposed to help them complete their college or university courses in India.

Top 5 books for undergraduate students on the History of English Literature

Are you doing graduation in English Literature? History of English Literature must be there in your syllabus. Here is a list of some English Honours history of English literature books that you can start with. These are beginner-level books for a basic understanding of English history of literature and then you can proceed to more advanced studies.

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