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How to find part time student jobs in Australia

Students can work with ease for 40 hours per two weeks at part-time jobs while they study in Australia, and full-time on course breaks. Their dependants are also allowed to work for 40 hours a week. Find out more about working while you study in Australia.

Study Fitness Courses in Australia

Fitness courses abroad can prepare interested Indian students for jobs as fitness instructors, personal trainers and rehabilitation trainers in the fitness industry. Find out more about studying a typical fitness course in Australia.

Why to study in Australia?

Done with your schooling and now wondering about your further education? What to study and where to study are 2 most critical questions in this stage. Now day, most of the students prefer higher studies in abroad. The below mentioned article will help you to find reasons to study in Australia.

How to Crack the Australian Visa Interview

Students can crack the Australian visa interview by being honest and confident during the interview. The Australian government has also introduced a more streamlined student visa processing system to welcome high-quality students from Indian and elsewhere.

PhD Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Are you looking for PhD scholarships in Australia offered by prestigious Universities? Here are few scholarships mentioned in this article which let you know about their funding, eligibility criteria and application process. Have a look on this article and avail benefit, if it suits your requirement.

Study Physiotherapy in Australia

Australian physiotherapy training is one of the best in the world and their graduate qualifications are recognized globally. Choosing to study physiotherapy in Australia can be challenging but at the same time very rewarding. In this article I have tried to bring forth a list of institutions where you can study Physiotherapy in Australia, career prospects and benefits of studying Physiotherapy in Australia.

How To Apply For Student VISA For Australia?

Studying in Australia can be a rewarding experience for Indian students and their parents/guardians accompanying them. Studying in Australia can be possible only after obtaining an Australian student visa. This article tries to give an insight into procedure for applying to Australian study visa. An effort is made to clarify all the doubts of Indian student about Australian student visa requirements, types of student visa , apply for the student visa and where to apply.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Australian VISAs Granted?

This dissertation has the details of the types of visas granted by Australian government to foreign nationals.Visa processing depends solely on what ground it is you are seeking your visa for. This article has details of the visa types for your information and needful if you are planning to seek the Australian visa.

IDP's Australian Education Fair 2011

This article is for IDP's Australian education fair to be held on Saturday 27TH august 2011 at hotel Shangri-la new delhi for admission to various top university and institution of Australia for February 2012.

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