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All about study in U.S.A

Studying in United states of America is a such a dream for Indian students that 'study in America' is study abroad most of the times. A leading nation in all aspects, it provides ample opportunities for Indian and global students to accomplish study in their subjects of interest. This article gives all the possible information about study in U.S. targeting the graduate and doctoral(PhD) programs

Part-Time Work in the US as a student

Indian students studying in the US can work part-time while they study, but they must strictly follow all the rules and restrictions placed on them by the visa authorities. Find out more about the opportunities for working while you study in the US.

Apply for Federal Loans in the University of Maine, USA

Are you afraid of studying abroad, because you will be facing trouble in paying the college semester fee? You need to apply for loans in the university. University of Maine, USA provides several loan schemes that are very beneficial to the student. To know about such loan schemes in the USA, also known as federal loan schemes, you need to go through this article.

Global Excellence Scholarship for studying undergraduate courses in USA

University of Minnesota in the USA provides more than 100 undergraduate programs. All these and great job facilities are what you can look for when you be a part of any undergraduate course in the university. The university also provides Global Excellence Scholarship to all its meritorious students. The best thing about this scholarship is that being a student of this university is enough to be eligible. The rest of the details are provided below.

Study engineering courses in USA with funding by IIE

The U.S. has a lot of opportunities and educational programs for international students. There are many U.S. organizations who are providing the same for international students. Among them IIE or the Institute of International Education is one. They stress on not only bringing students from India or other countries to U.S. but also send their students to India or other countries. Scholarships are provided to students of both universities. Details are provided in this article.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to US Colleges

Only 10% of applicants to US universities are accepted. Most students are rejected because of some common application mistakes that can easily be avoided. Find out what Indian students can do to increase their chances of acceptance in US colleges.

Study Tech in the USA: MIT or Caltech?

MIT and Caltech are top choices for students who want to pursue education in cutting-edge areas of study. MIT also offers excellent non-science courses and Caltech is influential in the research sector. Find out which institution is the best for you.

How to Take Up Overseas PhD After Bachelor's in the US

It is possible to do a PhD without having to do PG. Indian students who have completed their bachelor's degree can directly apply for PhD to some US universities. Find out more about requirements and universities that accept direct PhD applicants.

US Scholarships for Courses in Medicine

Studying medicine in the US is an expensive affair, and not within everyone's means. However, some US medical schools offer scholarships for meritorious students for which Indian students can also apply.

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