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Process of study,Time management & techniques

The study pattern of every person is different from the other and there is also a doubt that what works for one person may not work for another. Learning or studying & being motivated is a natural process. Which i want to tell & also presenting some techniques by which can make his or her study skills better.

How to improve your studying style easily

In this article we learn how you can alter your study style for better results. Different groups of students need different teaching styles. Relevant textbooks and use of internet make studying easier. The student should preserve class notes and test papers for revision in future in a quiet environment.

How to encourage unwilling students to study

This article is about the ways to encourage unwilling,lazy, de-motivated and demoralized students to study with a fresh outlook. Here, there is a record of real-life experience of motivating students from little learners to college-going students to study of their own, coming out of the distraction and aversion towards study.

How to become more productive on study table

In this article, I have explained some techniques for students, who are less productive on their study table and love to procrastinate their study, on how they can increase their productivity on their study table.

Tips Choose Postgraduate Study Abroad

Selecting post-graduate studies abroad is not easy, especially if you have never had previous experience, or do not get enough information from people who have experienced it directly. For that needed thorough preparation

Tips for EAMCET Exam

Here are the things that we need to follow on the final days before the EAMCET exam and on the day of the EAMCET exam.

Top ten time management tips for students

The skills of managing time for studies must be understood by the students. Time management skills allow for easy organization of their study, reducing the mental strain experienced by them. Ten such tips are given in this article.

How to study effectively?

This article aims to give the students some effective study strategies that could help them face their examinations in a confident manner. The student should be able to retain the concepts he/she has learned and studied, even after the completion of the examination.
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