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Indiian Independence day 2013 sample speech for Teachers!

Are you a teacher who want to give independence day speech in your school? Are you searching for a good Independence day speech to deliver at your school which should also guide them in a right path of future? Here is the speech for you!

Shortage of teachers in India and its effect on education

The article gives a brief idea on how is the problem of shortage of teachers is going to affect India. Today where most of the people are behind engineering, medicine, corporate jobs, glamor professions etc. and 80 percent of them after there are in an urge search for an employment there is vacancies in the etching professions especially in the higher secondary and senior secondary schools. Qualified teachers are a rare thing to find today in our schools.

How teachers should organize students in cleaning the school.

It has been found that when students learn in a clean environment, the learning process becomes easier and more enjoyable. Where a school cannot afford to employ cleaners, students must be ready to do their cleaning. Teachers must organize, supervise and give incentives to such students after a good work done.

The changing trends of students and teachers

The trends of teaching has changed drastically. During the yesteryears, the students were treated very strictly and today the teachers are treated strictly. But, both of them should realize their role and play their role effectively. Both of them should be laid with moderate terms and conditions.

How to celebrate Teachers Day In India

Teachers day is a day where students express their thanks and gratitude to Teachers who are their friend, philosopher and guide. Teachers day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher and an eminent leader in India. This article is my tribute to all teachers who have dedicated their lives for this wonderful service.

Recruitment System of Teachers in Andhra Pradesh 2011

This resource gives an idea how a candidate can be selected as a teacher in the recruitment process in Andhra Pradesh. In this article, some information is given on the passed teacher recruitments. This article is witness of how GO No:3 becomes shadows in the lives of candidates who want to become teachers.

Teachers Our Unsung Heros

This is little dedication to all my teachers who taught me unconditionally and made me a wonderful human being as I am today. I don't have words to thank them when my teachers said"we believe in you, you will definitely make it bigger".I am so proud of my teachers that in this lifetime I will do anything to make them feel that they are and will always be a special person in my life

TET - Teachers Eligibility Test 2011

In accordance by the provisions of sub-section(1) of Section 23 of Right to Education act, National Council for Teachers Education(NCTE) had made some minimum qualifications for person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher for class I to VIII. Also it is compulsory that the candidate should pass the Teacher Eligibility test(TET) which will be conducted by Central or State Government. The Test will be conducted by a suitable government agency in with the guidelines of NCTE.

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