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Stages of Group development by Tuckman

This article is about the various stages involved in group development. In any work atmosphere working as a team is very important. If one knows the psychology behind this team or group development it would become easier to glide through the various stages. By understanding the workings in a group the individual can also become an effective leader or a team member in a group. Let us see more about group development or group formation.

Ways to effectively work in a team

When you are working in a team, you have to follow some rules such as being adjustable, harmony and unity,presence of mind, learning from team work and criticisms. These points are very simple but very important while working in a team.

Economics of combined hydro and steam power plants

In this article, I am going to explain about the Economics of a combined power plant. Also various factors affecting the power plant are described at the end. For increasing power demand, it is not efficiency to use stand-alone power plant. To meet this demand it is essential to provide a combine power plant. Read below to know more.

Steamed fish in green garlic sauce

Steamed fish in green garlic sauce is a fusion dish. Steaming is healthy practice of preparing fish, and one's body can easily absorb the nutrients in fish which are loosed when fish is fried. This is one of healthy dish and full of flavor, easy to make; which one should surely try.

F1 race in India: track, teams, tickets, and the event in 2011

This article is about the F1 Airtel Grand Prix of India which is a mega event. This article is about the brief introduction to the F1 race, the technical aspects, the specifications, and the team of people which is working jointly to achieve the first place. This article introduces reader to the Buddh International Circuit, the cost of the project, the sponsors, the teams and the availability of the tickets.

Basic Components Of A Formula One Car And F1 Teams Cars At 2011 Indian Grand Prix

What are the basic parts of a F1 car? What are the names of the Formula One teams? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on Formula One cars, their technical components and the parts of a F1 car which gives its speed. You will also get information about the F1 cars of all the Formula One racing teams, the names of their drivers, and the official websites of the F1 teams.

Modak- recipe for steamed Modak for Vinayaka Chaturthi

Modak is a simple steamed food with a sweet silling and an outer cover to hold the fill. Modak is believed to be favourite to Lord Ganesha, and hence made for Vinayaka Chaturthi as offering. As the item is sweet and soft, children relish this.The Modak recipe is given here.

Formula 1 2011 racing in India dates, teams

The Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix of India is going to be held in New Delhi India in the month of October, 2011. Read this article to know the schedule of Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix 2011 India, where to book tickets for Formula 1 racing in New Delhi India, Formula 1 in India racing track specifications, details of Indian F1 program, teams and players in F1 racing at Buddh International Circuit Greater Noida.

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