Things to be checked before joining any online coaching class

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Author: Deepti Shriram Rane      Post Date: 01 Jun 2023        
Personal offline coaching is better than online mode as it may provide one on one approach too when students need. But in this era of online education sometimes you do not have any option than online coaching class.

Before enrolling to any online coaching institution one can inquire about and gather some basic information about it. Let us have a look at things to be checked before joining any online coaching class:

Educational qualification and experience of the faculty:
It is very essential that the coaching class had employed well qualified and experienced staff which are permanently employed with the institution. you cannot play with the child's future by engaging with poor educated and inexperienced part time or internship type faculty.

Scholarships, fees discounts and Fees Structure:
Some of the institutes offer scholarships or discounts in fees by taking aptitude test or entrance test. If financial conditions of parents is not so good , but the student is intelligent and dedicated, then such scholarships can prove to be a ray of hope in darkness. in some cases the discounts in fees/ scholarship can range anything between 5% to 50% of the tutuion fees.

Past student success ratio:
You can have a look at comparisons of at least past 3 years of students results data. With a impressible past students success ratio, you can also be optimistic about what kind of range of results you can expect from yourself.

Reviews by the alumni:
Now a days when we are shopping for any products, we make sure to read Google reviews for the product. In same way, we must also check if the institute has decent number of positive reviews for the institute and a review ranking of 4 or above.

Predefined Course structure:
As in the online coaching there are fixed limited hours of the interaction, it is better that the course should be predefined. It must be well informed before enrollment about schedule of syllabus completion, sessions for doubt clearing, mock tests and revision sessions etc.

If parents do this homework of thourough inquiry, it will be a very pleasant and benifitting experience for the ward.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 03 Jun 2023        
It is a boom time in the field of online education and a lot of Ed-tech startups are coming up with different offers in this field. Sometimes these exciting offers act as a trap and the student realizes that it was not worth joining it after paying huge sums of money. So there are a few things that we need to inquire about before joining any online classes:

  • Several institutes sell their courses in the name of some top-notch faculties by spending huge sums on branding. So you should first ask in advance who is the faculty for the course you are purchasing. Every teacher is a good one but everyone has a different methodology for imparting the knowledge so you should prefer to join the faculty which matches your tastes. Try to watch at least three video lectures so that you can make up your mind.

  • Check properly which kind of class you are taking, like sometimes in a hurry we opt for any course but later on we get to know that it is a fast-track course and meant for quick revision and not for regular studies. This kind of mistake is often committed. Also, check the lecture duration and available watch hours. Some institutes provide restrictive watch limits like a one-time watch or two-time watch. For example, lectures having two times watch limit means that after watching a particular lecture twice it can not be played for the third time. So, try to check which one suits you. If you are a quick learner then multiple watches do not mean for you.

  • If you are opting for an online live course then try to check whether they provide backup of the classes, like in any case if you are unable to take the class so that you can learn from the recording of the same lecture.

  • Check their doubt-solving structure also. Whether they provide direct contacts of the faculties for addressing the doubts or having some outsourcing methods for addressing doubts. Also, read some reviews about the efficiency in solving doubts, time taken, and clarity. Because doubt solving is an important part of teaching and if it is not taken seriously then it would affect students severely.

  • Tests are an important part of learning. So, check their structure for conducting tests. Whether they conduct any sort of mock tests and provide reasonable solutions for it.

  • Also have a look at the kind of study material they provide. Some coaching institutes only provides soft copies of the book and charge an extra amount for hard copies. It is difficult to learn from soft copies.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 01 Jun 2023        
Online coaching class for any stream has improved a lot as a result of incorporation of new tools into it. It provides the students of different regions to connect, interact and learn lessons in their own fields. However, the aspirants should ensure the following points, among others, before getting themselves enrolled into an online class-

1) Check the qualifications of the mentors of the online coaching class - If qualified mentors are available, the aspirants should take feed back of their qualifications and experience from the students who had attended such classes or they can approach the promoter to know the details of the qualifications of different faculties.

2) Mode of participation of enrolled students- They should know whether the online class would proceed with or without the guidance of experts. Online class can make the aspirants dull since they have to learn the lessons silently. If their doubts are not redressed immediately in such an an online classroom they might become disinterested.

3) The aspirants should check the popularity of such programs through the different sources -
There could be chances that it might be poorly managed by the organizers or it might not be relevant for the aspirants. They can contact the professors/ mentors connected with such programs to know its potential benefits.
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