Time Management Tips for Students

Are you student struggling to manage your time effectively for your daily homework, assignments and prepare for exams? Find some of our great articles that will help you with effective time management.

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Author: Venkiteswaran      Post Date: 04 Apr 2023        
Time is the only resource in this world that is equally available to each person. This is because it is not controlled by and cannot be controlled and regulated by any other person or creature.

Time cannot be bought or sold or transferred. The daily quantum is to be used by the person in a proper way by a person. Any unutilized time is lapsed and cannot be saved or brought forward.

That is why Time Management becomes the most important in our life in management of our resources. Time Management is vey essential for a student because student lie has got many deadlines and fixed schedules and milestones to reach and pass. If those schedules and deadline are not met duly, then the student may suffer loss of time-in years also. This will have serious impact in his post student life and career.

The first step for an effective time management strategy is to prioritize all tasks one has. Then time slot has to be allotted to each as per priority and as per time availability and as per time needed to do that task.

For example immediately after returning from school/college classes ,and after having the refreshment and refreshment food/drinks one has to list out the homework and assignments to be submitted for next day. The student has to attempt and complete the smaller tasks first so that h gets a feeling of completion which will encourage further tasks to be attended with confidence. After completion of these the student may spend some time with family, friends and a little refreshing entertainment.

Then depending on the stating time for school/college the student has to prepare and keep ready the books and texts needed for next day's study. If possible he can read these lessons beforehand to familiarise t enable easy understanding when class is taken.

Whenever spare time is available it can be used for extra reading and interaction to enhance knowledge on the subjects learned. Weekends and holidays also may be scheduled and prepared in advance for the various activities other than academics also.

The student also should know and cultivate methods for focus and concentration keeping in mind the sayings like" Work while you work play while you play" and also " All work and n play makes Jack a dull boy".

The student should not hesitate in getting help and suggestions from parents and teachers in how to manage time.
Once a healthy Time Management strategy is put in place, it can be reviewed, adapted and adjusted for the various needs and situations in life.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 04 Apr 2023        
Time is the most important entity in the study life of a student. A student can get success in his goals if he is able to use the time efficiently and effectively. The strange and interesting thing about time is that it is available to us but in a limited way. Everyday has 24 hours but once the day is over that pack of time is over. So if we have not utilised our time then it has gone waste as it never comes back and is made available to us. Let us go through some points which are useful for utilising the time efficiently.

A student should jot down the activities in his study life and make a time table to accommodate them in that. Activities are to be given time as per their importance. Time should be given appropriately for studies, for making notes, and for repetitions and revisions.

Next point is how many hours a student should study? This will differ from student to student as that is related to the memory power and intelligence of a person. In my experience a minimum of 6 to 7 hours per day study will be required in today's environment to get success in any examination. Highly intelligent and students having good memory might manage it in 4 to 5 hours.

During the study phase a student should avoid any unnecessary indulgence in his life. At the same time he has to take care of his health and should invariably undertake outings in the nearby park or garden which will refresh his mood and make him prepared for the next phase of his studies.

If like-minded and meritorious students are available in the nearby areas appearing for the same exam then it makes sense to have a meeting with them every week and discuss some education-related matters and many doubts can be cleared during that get-together.

A student should take minimum 6-hour sleep per day as that is very much necessary for keeping a person mentally and physically fit.

One should not go for guesswork and predictions and rather pursue the course thoroughly as per the syllabus.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 05 Apr 2023        
Time is the most important resource. Everyone has an equal amount of time available, i.e. 24 hours available but your success depends on how you utilize that time efficiently and that's the main cause of the difference. Time management never means that devote your all time to work or studies and avoid enjoying life, because this makes life monotonous. But it means the proper allocation of time to relevant activities and setting up your priorities in life to whom most of the time should be allocated.

For students, time management is the most necessary thing. First of all, they should create a list of tasks which they are required to do. Because for allocation, first, you should have the necessary blocks where you are allocating. Then try to grade them based on priorities. Like, as grading self-study, assignments are at the top. Then comes your hobby and playtime. One should have a hobby that refreshes our brain. Reduce screen time and try to use it only when an ultimate necessity.

Devote one or two hours to some sport or physical exercises and set aside 7-8 hours for a healthy sleep. Keep a healthy time for the family as it motivates and provides support.

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