Top job-oriented short-term courses after B.Sc. Computer Science

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 02 Aug 2023        
B.Sc Computer Science is a good course and there is no doubt about it. But to get a decent job in a good company, a B.Sc in computer science alone may not be very helpful. Some companies may recruit through campus interviews some people. But students who came out of college and start searching for a job may not be able to make it alone with this degree. The companies will look for the additional skill sets the candidate has. The candidates who are having these additional key sets may be preferred over others. So doing some additional certification courses is becoming very essential. The following are some such certification courses.

1. Graphic Designing: Now there is a good demand for people who are having a certificate in Graphic design. Even a small company also wants to have their own website, logos, brands and mobile apps etc. For this, they want people who are having skills in Graphic Designing. So a certification course in this area is very helpful. Logo Designer, Web Designer, Flash Designer, Brand Identity Designer, Photo Editor, and Layout Artist are some of the roles a person with a certificate in Graphic Designing can fit. There are many training institutes in almost all the cities in the country that are offering certification courses in this area.

2. Data Science: This subject is always very important. A lot of data is being generated by various banks, financial institutes etc, as a part of their business. Studying this data and analysing is a very important function in their activities. So we are seeing a lot of demand for students with a certification in this subject. Data Administrator, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Statistician, and Business Analyst are some of the roles for which companies prefer candidates with certificates in this subject. IBM, Amazon, Google, Intel etc are hiring many such candidates. There are many institutes offering this certification in all the cities in India.

3. Digital Marketing: In the coming days, we will see enormous demand for candidates who are having qualifications in this area. SEO Analysts, Mobile Marketing Expert, SEM Analyst, and Social Media Marketing Expert are some of the roles a person can expect with qualifications in digital marketing. All companies are getting shifted to digital marketing and hence demand will be more. There are institutes offering this course online as well as offline also.

Based on the interest of the individual a line can be selected a good certification course can be completed so that they will have better chances for employment, I feel.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 02 Aug 2023        
B.Sc in Computer Science is a valuable degree that familiarizes the students with the different skills related to Computers. They learn a lot of programmings and applications of various principles enabling them to understand the different domains of computers.

After their graduation in the computer science, there are several short- term courses which would multiply their career- prospects. Some of the short -term courses enhancing their job- prospects are mentioned below-
1) Gaming Courses- There are numerous courses after B.Sc in computer science which prepare the students to understand the creation of games and developing game-designs. These courses would teach the students various tools like game design, game development and other related aspects.
2) Web Designing- This course is a favorite to many students since it provides them the opportunity of getting immediate employment if completed from reputed institutions. This course would teach the students several tools like the Interface Design, the Graphic Design and a lot more.
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