Top tips for Indian students starting their studies in Australia for the first time

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 25 Jun 2023        
Australia is a good destination for students who want to study higher education in this part of the world. The following are some of the important points to be taken care of.

1. If the duration of the course is less than three months, you can manage the course with a tourist visa. But if it is a longer duration course, you should obtain a student Visa. Of course, getting a Visa is not difficult. You can obtain the visa online, I understand.

2. You may have to get a health insurance policy. The Australian government advises students to get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

3. This country is costly and expenses may be high. My sister's son stayed in this country for about 9 years and he told me that even the house rents are also very high. So plan accordingly. If you are staying in the hostel, the costs are fixed. If you are staying outside with some other friends decide on the budget and stick to that. You are allowed to work part-time while you are studying. You can work a minimum of 20 hours in a week and minimum wages are also high. So many students work and earn money so that their expenses can be met.

4. Now the details of the university and try to make contact with the foreign students association of the university so that you may get good guidance from the students there and they may tell you about the other students who are looking for roommates to stay outside the hostel. Now about the climatic conditions and take the required dresses so that you will easily get adjusted to the climate there.

5. Australian rules of traffic are very strict and one should know the rules well. They drive on the left side of the road in this country.

6. If you have any known relatives or friends in this country, contact them and get maximum details from them about the place you are going to stay. This information will be very helpful to you in planning your stay there.

7. Many people in Australia are friendly and helpful. One can easily manage with English there and there will not be a problem communicating with them.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 08 Jul 2023        
You might be excited to start your studies in Australia. Here are some top tips for you that help you to start your journey:

1. First of all you have to understand the education system of Australia, its grading system, and course structure.

2. Then plan your finances by creating a budget plan, considering living expenses, tuition fees, accommodation costs, healthcare, etc. You can also explore part-time job opportunities to support your financial needs.

3. Gather details about your university, campus facilities, any pre-arrival preparations you need to complete, student services, and course requirements.

4. Ensure that you have the right visa and permits to stay in Australia. Familiarize yourself with the visa regulations.

5. Respect cultural differences and be open to experiencing new customs, traditions, cultures, and ways of life.

6. Connect with Indian student communities or associations on campus or in your city. They will provide you with a support network.

7. Explore your new surroundings, and visit tourist attractions to enhance your experience, and make memorable moments.

8. Take advantage of support services provided by the university like academic support, career guidance, health services, and counseling services.

9. Build a network with professors, fellow students by attending orientation programs, participating in extracurricular activities, joining clubs, etc.

10. Give priority to self-care and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By following these steps, you may navigate your studies more effectively in Australia.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 22 Jun 2023        
Australia is a popular study destination for Indian students and a good number of students apply to various universities there. There are certain things that a student should note when one is aspiring to study in Australia for the first time.

1. Selecting a University - There are a good number of universities located in different cities. The course fee would be as per the course opted for and the university selected but the living expenses would differ from place to place. Sydney and Melbourne are the two places that are costlier than other cities and student has to plan the budget accordingly.

2. Visa and health insurance - A student has to obtain a study Visa and overseas health insurance which is mandatory for students willing to study in Australia. Getting a study Visa is not very difficult and it requires a passport and admission confirmation from the University one has applied to.

3. Climate consideration - Australia is in the southern hemisphere and when it is summer in India it would be winter there so the student going for admission in summer there will have to pack the woolens accordingly.

4. Communication - It is easy to communicate in Australia through English and they are not very rigid on the pronunciation side but certain words would be differently pronounced and students should take note of that. One should not use slang and other offensive words in public as that might create problems.

5. Part-time working - In Australia foreign students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week and a student can take advantage of that for meeting some expenses there.
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