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A trip to the ‘Fort Aguada’ in Goa

The ‘Aguada Fort’ is a part of the legacy of Goa. The mind begins conjuring up images of plentiful of sea shores with copious of colours flashing one after the other at the very mention of the name of ‘Goa’. Merely acquiring the knowledge of the combination of sun, sand and sea about Goa is not enough. The historical legacy of Goa also encompasses unto itself much more than what apparently Goa is known for. Let’s know the background story of ‘Aguada Fort’ through this article.

A trip to Rome: The city of centuries old history

In reality, Rome is such a unique city of the world where, there is the convergence of both the new and the old civilizations. The nation is a witness to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It was here that Jesus Christ was crucified. This country is the centre of the Christian religion of the world over. Let’s take a trip this great nation through this expose.

Himachal tourism - Manali a place to visit

This resource contains the overview of India's diversities and brief about Manali. This resource also have information about the famous places to be visit in Manali and also the information how to visit Manali via different means. Information about few HPTDC hotels is also given which are very helpful for booking in Advance.

Kerala Gods Own Country- Tourist's Heaven

As you know Kerala is known as gods own country and have lot of place to visit. The main tourist attraction of this place is .The state have 14 districts and each districts have lot of place to visit. Mainly back water lakes, hills,rivers and traditional art forms are attracting the people. This article is giving about the tourist spots in south Kerala.

Travel to Thalassery – Kerala's beautiful historic town

Thalassery is an attractive and lively historic town in Kerala, which is gaining importance as a major tourist destination in Kerala. This article is about the brief history, culture, cuisine and various tourist attractions in the beautiful town. Thalassery is a must see tourist destination

Hamirpur: The Heart Of The Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. This article provides information about this beautiful place which is well known for its patriots and . It is rich of culture and is famous for its folk music and traditional culture which is still alive at this place.

Tourism: Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan with lots of holy places, temples, forts and historical sites to visit. In this article, I have listed down the major tourist attractions of Mount Abu.

Adventure Sports and Tourism in India

This article will cover all the aspects of adventure tourism and sports in India. The article will helps a person to identify various types of adventure sports, the major requirements needed, various permits and regulations regarding adventure sports, the equipments needed for each sports and the training centres and destinations across India for various adventure sports and tourism.

Ratnagiri - a perfect place for tourism

Ratnagiri, which is located in Maharashtra is really a scenic, beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. You find such calmness in this area that you forget your stress of life. Everybody should visit this place at least once. This place is well-suited for tourism and for viewing the scenery.

How To Plan a tour For Honeymoon

The bug of honeymoon bites the newly married which needs proper planning well in advance to avoid inconveniences after embarking upon it. Its preparations should be such that might be cherished titillating you till the rest of your life. Have some from this article if you are intending to go for a honeymoon trip this winter.

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Career Guidance in tourism/hospitality sector

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