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A trip to Rome: The city of centuries old history

In reality, Rome is such a unique city of the world where, there is the convergence of both the new and the old civilizations. The nation is a witness to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It was here that Jesus Christ was crucified. This country is the centre of the Christian religion of the world over. Let’s take a trip this great nation through this expose.

Kerala Gods Own Country- Tourist's Heaven

As you know Kerala is known as gods own country and have lot of place to visit. The main tourist attraction of this place is .The state have 14 districts and each districts have lot of place to visit. Mainly back water lakes, hills,rivers and traditional art forms are attracting the people. This article is giving about the tourist spots in south Kerala.

How To Plan a tour For Honeymoon

The bug of honeymoon bites the newly married which needs proper planning well in advance to avoid inconveniences after embarking upon it. Its preparations should be such that might be cherished titillating you till the rest of your life. Have some from this article if you are intending to go for a honeymoon trip this winter.

Tourism: A trip to Brunei- known as the green jewel in the Indian Ocean

Brunei is a small Island which is located at the Cheyenne seashores. It was earlier famous as Borneo Island. The Chinese ruled this Island in the 6th century and the nation was then called Puni or Poli. This Island attracts tourists from the world over which proves to be once in a life time chance for them. Let’s wade through this Island all the way through this account until you plan a trip to the eye-catching destination.

Tourism: Wagah Attari Border- A Newer Tourist Destination Of Attraction

Owing to the sweetening of the relations in between both the countries- India and Pakistan, Wagah border has become so much popular amongst the tourists that the caravans of busloads of tourists arrive here daily in the evening to watch the flag lowering ceremony. Let’s watch this flag ceremony meanwhile through the description of this dissertation below until you personally go visiting the place.

Tourism: Trips To Some Winter Destinations

During the period when there is surf biting cold in the northern Indian parts, the season remains very pleasant in the Middle India. This is the most suitable season for touring the places of tourist attractions. Though, tourists throng these places during whole year round, but these places wear a festive look during the winter times. This region has numerous several such destinations which attract tourists from all around the world. This composition details some such destinations for your future use.

Enjoying the snowfall through Snow Tourism this winter!

With the advent of winters, snowfall begins on the mountainous terra firma. Then begins the 2nd season of tourism here! This is the season of snow tourism. Watching the snowfalls, walking on snows, snow games, sledging, skiing- all these games are the parts of snow tourism. Among these, watching snowfalls and playing games on snow comes within the activities which attract most of the tourists because these are adventurous but not dangerous. Let’s do it through this piece of article.

Tourism: A trip to the Cape Town known as the refreshing city

Cape Town, the South African city is known as the refreshing city for its beauty and grandeur. One gets the feels of thrills by the mere mentions of its name. It is situated in the south-eastern flanks of the African island at the north end of the Cape peninsula. This is one of the most beautiful cities through the world over. Let’s make a trip to this refreshing city through the medium of this article until you go in person visiting the place in future.

Tourism: A visit to the hill station, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is located at a height of 2185 metres above sea level. It is known as the Queen of Hills. The beauty of Darjeeling is incomparable. Kanchanjunga, the world's 3rd highest mountain peak located in the Himalayan range provides a magnificient view from Darjeeling at sunset and sunrise. The serenity of the Darjeeling's natural beauty is a solace to the nature lovers.

Tourism: A Visit to Prayag, Allahabad

Allahabad is famous for the Kumbh mela, archealogical sites and has always been in the headlines of Indian politics. Allahabad is steeped in mythology of prayag, also called Triveni or Sangam. Prayag is the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Allahabad was first named as Ilabash. It was Shah Jahan who changed the name to Illahabad which meant abode of Allah. In 1858 the British shifted their headquarter from Agra to Illahabad and the Britishers pronounced it as Allahabad.

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