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Summer tour destinations

The summer time is here and it is time to plan a perfect summer-tour. Here are the most exotic tourist destinations of India that will rejuvenate your senses and give you the most exciting touring experience you ever had.

The golden glowing city of camels, sands and dunes- Jaisalmer

The beauty of the Jaisalmer city is to be seen to be believed. It cannot be described in words. You should be visiting the city to have the feel of it. But wait! Until you go visiting the great place, come with me to wade through Jaisalmer through the details described below!

Adventure Sports and Tourism in India

This article will cover all the aspects of adventure tourism and sports in India. The article will helps a person to identify various types of adventure sports, the major requirements needed, various permits and regulations regarding adventure sports, the equipments needed for each sports and the training centres and destinations across India for various adventure sports and tourism.

Tourist spots in India during monsoon season

Monsoon in India said to occur from June to September every year. Monsoon have widespread impact on country's agriculture, economy and tourism. In this article focus is paid on which places in India appears to be on top of priority list of travelling during monsoon season.
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