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Transformers and its core types

In this article, I have explained about the working principle of the transformer and its inner core types. I have also added about the details of the transformer core. Atlast I also mentioned some other necessary parts that are significant for the working of the transformer.

Drying out of power transformers

By the process of Transformer oil filtration we remove the sludge and moisture in the transformer oil, but we can not remove the moisture present in the transformer winding. For removing the moisture present in the transformer winding transformer drying out is necessary

Condition Monitoring of Paper Insulation in the Power Transformer

A Transformer is a very vital equipment in a power system & its availability, reliability is very important. The transformer primarily comprises of core, winding, and insulation. The insulation comprises of solid, liquid and combination of oil and cellulose paper. The condition monitoring of oil is performed by prescribed tests specified in IS 1866 (for old oil in service).

Working Principle of Transformers

In this article, I will explain the working principle of Transformer (One of the Main Equipment in the Electrical System). A transformer is a static electrical device which increases or decreases voltage or current without changing its system frequency. Since Transformer is a static device efficiency will be 95%.
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