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The importance of Trees

Trees are the natural resources of earth. Trees are on the 24 hours job every day to assist us. Trees are called as the “Lungs of World”. There are countless benefits of trees. In this article, I focused on various importance and benefits of trees.

5 Major types of classification of plants

Want to learn about plant classification? Classification of plants helps to categorize them scientifically. This article explains five major types based on tissue structure, seed structure, evolution, life span and growth habits of plants along with examples.

Roadside Trees Benefit To Individuals And Environment

Planting roadside trees were an important welfare measures of erstwhile rulers.These trees give relief to humans, birds and animals in sun and rains. Unfortunately it has become a practice to cut and destroy such trees today in the name of development,not planting replacements. Nowadays people have to sweat it out under concrete and asbestos bus shelters. This article underlines and reminds on the benefits of roadside trees.

How to grow bonsai trees step by step guide

This article deals with the step-by-step instructions to grow bonsai trees in your garden. Many people like to grow bonsai trees. The article explains all steps required to grow bonsai trees in a simple and lucid style. Starting from making preparations to grow bonsai trees, the article gives detailed steps for planting, watering, pruning, fertilizing, repotting, root trimming, cleaning; shaping and saving the bonsai trees from diseases and pests. The article will make a useful reading to plant lovers.

The Trees Of Autumn Part 3

This is the third and last part of the story 'The trees of autumn' posted earlier in ISC. It is a story of a couple, how they fell for each other, how they spent their life together till now and a mystery which will be revealed in this final part.

The Trees Of Autumn Part 2

This is a continuation of the story'The trees of Autumn' posted earlier in ISC. It is a romantic story of a couple who came to know each other via. India study channel and who met on a Diwali day. The link for the previous story is also provided.

Coconut & Coconut Palm Trees : The Beautiful Sight Of Kerala State

This article is related to coconut palm trees & coconut.In this article,details like the places of cultivation of coconut trees, uses of coconut & coconut trees,production of coconut oil from copra, coconut development board, side effects of coconut & its related are also given.


This article describes about how trees can be our best friends and save the earth from further damage.

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As per Vastu Shastra which trees can be planted in each directions?

Interested in planting trees and flowering plants in all directions around the house? Wondering which are the most suitable plants and flowering plants? Here, on this page out experts will provide you answers based on vast shastra and you can decide where to plant the trees.

How to cultivate valuable trees?

Looking to plant some valuable trees in your land to get some good returns? Wondering about the various factors that can affect the growth and returns from the trees? Ask for proper opinion over here.

How to Grow Bonsai Trees at home

Eager to grow your own bonsai plants at home? Get detailed guidance from our experts on how to select, grow and maintain bonsai plants in your home.
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