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Top 5 free video conferencing apps to conduct online classes

How to take a class online? What tools can be used for online teaching? Video conferencing applications holds a lot of advantages and special features to take live online class effectively from anywhere. Here is a list of the best free video conferencing platforms that teachers can use to conduct online classes for their students.

How to create impact with your video essay

Many schools ask for video essays to be included with the college application. Find out the common mistakes that students make when creating video essays so that you can create a winning video essay for your application.

How to prepare for a video essay answer

Optional and mandatory video essays are becoming more popular in applications to overseas degree programs. Students can prepare for their final video message by practising some important answers to questions schools typically ask.

UML diagrams for online video database management system like YouTube

YouTube is the best example for an online video database management system. These are the nine commonly used UML diagrams not for the YouTube but for an online video database management system I will create if I have to. This is the OOAD mini project I have done at the end of my third year of engineering.

How to resize the photos and videos taken from a camera or smartphone

In this article, you will know how to resize the images and video files from a larger size to a minimal one without pouring quality. Read the guideline on how to make lesser size of the videos and photos that taken from the Smartphone or a DSLR Camera etc. which the apps or software tools helps to reduce a best size.

How to promote Youtube Videos to get more views?

Are you trying to promote your YouTube Channel? Are you trying to get more views to your YouTube Videos? Here are the few tips mentioned in this article will help you to get a good number of views to your Videos.

Free computer hardware training & video sessions

Do you like to become a computer hardware/networking professional? Here is an opportunity to get the basic training at no cost to you from one of the experts in the field, who is also a Microsoft MVP.

What to do when your child is addicted to video games?

Are you a worried parent who is worried about your child's addiction to video games? Want to know what to do in such a situation? Here in this article, I have given the best things to do when your child is addicted to video games. Read the article to find the details.

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How do the Youtube videos work?

Are you in doubt as to how YouTube works? Do you want to know how videos are to be uploaded, how advertisements are placed, how you are paid and so on? Follow this thread to know the details about YouTube and its modalities.

Which software is best to make animated video for kids?

Want to make animated videos for kids? Wondering how to search for the best apps which may be freely available and can make a storyline? Here, on this page you can check out the suggestions from experts and decide to make the animated videos.

Can get Adsense approval by posting Tiktok videos in youtube

Facing a query about Adsense approval of pertaining to uploading tiktok videos on youtube ? Searching for the detailed Adsense approval process here? On this page our ISC experts shall provide responses for your query so that you can post tiktok videos on youtube.

How to Sell My Videos on Youtube

Interested to know how to sell our own videos on YouTube? Check this ISC page to learn a few tips from our ISC computer WizKids.
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