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Importance Of Water And Its Availability

In this article, I will explain the scope of water on the earth's surface and availability of water in India. The water for domestic use has been polluting or drying up. So need of water preservation and protection for future generation is stressed upon.

Importance Of Water In The Earth

In this resource, I am explaining about the importance of water for a human being. Also briefing about uses of water, sources of water, the importance of rainwater, rain water collection, disposal of rain water etc.

India is a water stressed country moving towards water scarcity

Water has been considered as a free resource for years. With the rapid growth in population and increasing demand of water on one hand and depletion of available water on the other has led India to acute water stress. This article deals in detail with the problem of water stress/water scarcity in India, causes of water scarcity, challenges in the water sector, Changes proposed in the National Water Policy, 2012 and ways to deal with water scarcity.

Water is the best medicine for good health

In this article , the importance of water and how water contributes health benefits to the body are mentioned. Water is the most important fluid needed to flush out toxins from the body. The storage of toxins inside the body leads to common diseases.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Hair

This article explains use of coconut water to beautify skin and hair. Coconut water hydrates, moisturizes skin, reduces sun tan and slows down aging. When it comes to hair, it nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair fall, dandruff, adds shine and luster.

Health benefits of drinking Coconut Water

This article explains the health benefits of coconut water which can be derived by regularly consuming it. It is packed with lots of nutrients and is a natural electrolyte which provides adequate hydration and also replenishes all the lost nutrients.

Benefits of Drinking Water with an Empty Stomach

This article explains importance of drinking water with an empty stomach. It not only boosts our metabolism but also enhances weight loss. It prevents dehydration and helps in detoxification process which in turn results in good health and strong immune system.

Powerful medicinal values of the Water Chestnut

The humble water chestnut is actually a powerhouse of medicinal benefits. Not only is it known to kill bacteria, which makes the milky juice good for women suffering from UTI, it is also good for jaundice, tonsils and other ailments.

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