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Policy recommendations for Groundwater Management in INDIA

Here is the resource of some the ways to control the usage of ground water or some of the actions the be take at present and near future.. These are some of the Policy recommendations the are made by me for Groundwater Management in India. Groundwater remediation, water education and some better ways to save water has been discussed efficiently in this resource.

Use of sea water

Sea water is avoided for all the human demands.Chennai step forward to use seawater according to demand.Indian standards shown green flag for using in some construction purpose.

How to Conserve Water?

70% of earth surface is covered with water. But, do you know that only 3% of this is fresh water ? If we don't manage and conserve water, it will have serious impact. This article is about the methods to manage fresh water and how to use it in an effective way.

Tourist information about Dudhsagar Waterfalls

This article describes about the Dudhsagar waterfalls located at Nashik in Maharashtra. Read this article to know about Dudhsagar and surrounding areas, Sightseeing, Best time to visit and how to reach Road, rail, local transportation and also to know of good place to stay at Dudhsagar.

Complete information about Water jet machining

This article describes about Water Jet Machining which is performed by using a high pressure jet of water. Read this article to know about the process of generation of water jet, mechanism of metal removal and the equipment required for jet machining about tubing, tube fittings, valves and nozzles in Water jet machine.

Industrial water treatment

This article describes about the industrial water treatment for water which is most commonly used as a coolant.

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