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Articles related "water retention"

Are you looking for information on water retention? Find articles, reviews, products and resources related to water retention

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How to get rid of water retention: Part-1

This article explains various tips and tricks, like lowering the intake of sodium, increasing the intake of potassium and magnesium, regularly exercising, etc. all of which help to get rid of the excess amount of retained water from the body.

Best reasons why we struggle with water weight

This article explains the reasons behind holding the excess amount of water in our body and is commonly referred as water weight. Some of the reasons behind it are dehydration, alcohol, excess intake of salt, sugar, carbohydrates and sedentary lifestyle.

Home remedies to get rid of water retention

This article explains various simple home remedies like drinking tea made out of various herbs, use of fennel seeds, lemon juice, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar and many more such diuretic products which will effectively reduce water retention from the body.

How to get rid of water retention: Part-2

This article explains various tips which help to get rid of fluid retention from the body. Increasing intake of calcium, vitamin B6, applying a cold compress, massaging affected area, elevating feet, using compression stockings, diuretic drugs intake are some of them.
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