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Can Capitalism bring Inclusive Growth

Often we associate capitalism with high growth and unequal riches. While the first feature has made it attractive, the second one has made it the subject of intense criticism. But is it possible to accommodate capitalism and welfare? This article discusses this million-dollar question.

Various Welfare Schemes launched by Indian Government under Mr. Modi's rule (Part-1)

This article provides a list of various welfare schemes launched under Mr. Narendra Modi's regime during 2014-17. This article will be of immense help for the students who are appearing for various competitive exams where General knowledge questions on this topic may be asked and also useful for the citizens of India to know the various welfare schemes launched by Government of India.

Industrial relations and labour welfare in relation to enterprises

In this resource article I will explain the meaning of industrial relations. We are also going to consider the significance and objectives of industrial relations including factors affecting sound industrial relations. Different methods of motivating employees will also be discussed.

Army Welfare Education Society MBA Program Admission

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for MBA programs at AWES institutes? How to apply for an MBA program at AWES s in India? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on the latest admissions for AWES MBA programs for 2012 to 2014.

Chemistry for Human Welfare Promises and Concerns

Here is an essay on the topic titled as chemistry for human welfare promises and concerns. As the year 2011 being officially chosen by the United Nations as the ‘International Year of Chemistry’, this article ‘chemistry for human welfare promises and concerns’ would help those who wish to read about the contribution of chemistry for human welfare.

Concept, definition and characteristics of welfare state

In olden times, the state was 'a law and order authority' or rather, a 'police-state' which had only a negative role to perform. Administration of justice and collection of taxes were also included. As a result of the socio-economic and political changes, things have changed and the concept of state has also changed to give way for the principle of 'welfare state'. The following resource explains the concept of welfare states, extent of welfare measures and the characteristics of a welfare state and more.

Woman and Child Welfare

A informative article discussing the major problems faced by women and children. The article gives information about the government and non Government schemes in India for women and child welfare.

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