What advantage we can take from the free courses available in internet in many sites?

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Author: Athulia Gahanan      Post Date: 27 Mar 2023        
I feel there are several advantages, that can take from the free courses available on the internet on many sites. These are

Flexibility in scheduling: The biggest advantage of online learning for many students is schedule freedom. Some programmes allow degree and certificate candidates to begin a course right away. In other circumstances, students can choose between a standard 16-week term and an eight-week accelerated course. In a subsequent part, this page discusses the benefits of accelerated courses. Although many online courses are delivered asynchronously to allow for maximum scheduling freedom, some require students to communicate with peers at predetermined times or meet with a professor during virtual office hours. Before enrolling in an online course, prospective students should examine the prerequisites.

Pacing Alternatives: Learners should grasp three words that might describe the online learning experience before enrolling in an online course. Asynchronous refers to a course that does not have scheduled meetings. Students complete work at times that are convenient for them but must still satisfy assignment deadlines. The second phrase, synchronous, is the inverse of asynchronous. Synchronous online courses, like on-campus courses, have specified meeting hours during which the professor educates students through Zoom or a similar video conferencing service. Finally, accelerated courses are those that run less than 16 weeks. Accelerated courses have the same academic criteria as traditional courses and are ideal for students who have no other job or family responsibilities.

Reduced Total Costs: Many prospective students ignore the financial benefits of taking online education. Although online students pay the same per-credit tuition as on-campus students, they do not pay for on-campus housing or food plans. Learners save time and money by not having to commute. Other cost savings include cheaper textbooks, particularly if online students may buy digital versions. Online students can apply for federal financial assistance programmes such as grants and loans as long as they take enough courses to qualify as part-time students. Most institutions also enable online students to apply for institutional help, such as need-based grants and merit-based scholarships.

Geographic Adaptability: Another advantage of online education in terms of flexibility is the geographic location of potential students. Many of the nation's finest schools and universities offer online degrees and certifications, allowing students to attend a top institution without having to relocate. They don't have to move because they can study from anywhere. This adaptability also saves money, as the cost of living varies substantially between cities. Aside from saving money, not having to relocate means that degree and certificate aspirants do not have to say goodbye to friends and professional contacts. They may also be able to reside closer to extended family members. These benefits of online education can lead to improved mental well-being and reduced stress.

Professional Development: Nontraditional students benefit from two important benefits of online education in terms of job progression. To begin, a certificate or degree might qualify an individual for a pay increase. Second, some businesses only hire personnel with a bachelor's or master's degree for managerial jobs. Earning a degree can lead to a promotion and possibly higher pay. Aside from practical employment rewards, most online degrees and certifications allow students to work while they study. Students might work during the day and study in the evenings or on weekends. Additionally, working learners may instantly apply new information and abilities to their jobs.

Enhance Your Technical Knowledge
Improve Your Technical Skill: Online learning can assist students in honing the technical abilities required in the workplace. New abilities can include the ability to use new software suites, conduct in-depth online research, and successfully interact online in diverse forms such as discussion boards and teleconferencing. Employers frequently seek these talents as more and more jobs require individuals to work remotely. Students can also update their resumes with new abilities and discuss them during a job interview.
Author: Roshan Salim      Post Date: 27 Mar 2023        
There are several advantages of taking free courses available on the internet. Even in the most popular free platform of google called YouTube, there are sufficient number of courses available.

Advantages of taking online courses are as follows.

1. Accessible

Free courses available on the internet are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location or background. This provides an opportunity for individuals who may not have access to traditional education to learn new skills and gain knowledge.

For example, an individual living in a rural area without access to a university can take online courses on a variety of topics through platforms such as edX, Coursera, or Khan Academy.

2. Flexibility

Online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. This is particularly useful for individuals who have busy schedules or commitments that may prevent them from attending traditional classroom-based courses.

For example, an individual who works full-time and has family commitments can take a coding course on Udemy during their free time, without having to attend a traditional classroom-based course.

3. Cost-effective

Free courses available on the internet are a cost-effective way to learn new skills or gain knowledge. This eliminates the need to spend money on expensive textbooks or tuition fees.

For example, an individual who wants to learn a new language can take a free course on Duolingo or Memrise, eliminating the need to spend money on expensive language textbooks or tuition fees. There are many free courses in YouTube itself.

4. Diverse topics

The internet offers a wide range of courses on diverse topics, from technical skills such as coding and web development to soft skills such as leadership and communication. This allows individuals to choose courses that align with their interests or career goals.

For example, an individual interested in learning about artificial intelligence can take a course on AI from Stanford University on Coursera, or an individual interested in improving their public speaking skills can take a course on Toastmasters International.

5. Enhance resume

Completing online courses and obtaining certifications can enhance an individual's resume and increase their employability. This shows potential employers that the individual is proactive in their personal and professional development.

For example, an individual who completes a course on Google Analytics on Udemy can add this certification to their resume, showing potential employers that they have practical skills and knowledge in digital marketing.

In conclusion, taking advantage of free courses available on the internet can provide individuals with access to education, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, a wide range of topics, and potential career benefits.
Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 07 Apr 2023        
There are many advantages of free courses available on the Internet. There are many sites which provide free courses. The advantages of free courses are as below:

  1. These courses are free of cost, hence you have to pay nothing for these courses.

  2. You can learn from it in your own time. Whenever you get the time you can watch the videos and learn from them.

  3. You can watch the videos many times again and again.

  4. These courses are available for a lifetime. Hence, there is no restriction on time. You can watch the videos as many times as you like.

  5. You would be able to develop new skills through these courses and you can use these skills in your workplace.

  6. By developing a new skill, you can start your own freelancer work and earn some extra money.

  7. If you would be able to pay nominal charges which are 250 INR to 350 INR you would also get the certificate. This certificate can be used to get a good job.

  8. By paying nominal charges they also provide remedial classes and doubt sessions. So, it would also help you to clear your doubt through live classes.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 28 Mar 2023        
There are many sites which are offering free courses, especially the basic courses to people who are interested in learning them. These sites generally offer basic and fundamental courses free of charge and specialized courses on payment of a fee. So any person who wants to learn some new skill or want to acquire additional knowledge in a particular area then these courses are ideal and very useful.

The main advantage of acquiring these courses is that one can learn them at one's convenience and time and after completing a module can go to the test on it and find out how one has learnt. One can repeat the chapter or module if one is not satisfied with one learning so far. These courses are very flexible and modular in their approach and are tailor-made for online learning.

As there are a large number of courses being offered in that model one has a big choice to make and select the course as per one's need in making one career.

There are many reputed sites in the online learning and coaching segment and it is advisable that one should choose a good site for these learnings.
Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 28 Mar 2023        
In my opinion,There are probably many more advantages to Internet-based courses, but I think you get the idea. The point is that we live in an ever-changing world that is ripe with new possibilities. The ability to learn new information or a new skill whenever and wherever you want offers far greater opportunities for education than ever before. Offline learning is better because it allows you to interact with fellow students in a real-life environment. Online learning has a lot of benefits, but it's important to also take them into account. Access to high-quality education: Reputable universities and organisations that offer free online courses can give you access to that education that you might not otherwise have.
Flexibility: Online courses provide flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. This can be particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule or other commitments.

Career advancement: Taking courses online can help you develop new skills and knowledge that can help you advance in your career or pursue a new career path.

Opportunities for networking: A number of online courses give you the chance to connect with other students and experts in your field, which can result in beneficial networking opportunities.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 30 Mar 2023        
Nowadays, with the availability of low-cost data and handy smartphones, there are several online courses available on a large scale. These are very helpful. These courses are available either in subscription mode, i.e. payment mode or available for free. Also, some websites provides course content for free but to obtain a certificate for the same there is a requirement of a minimal amount of payment. Some advantages of these courses are:
Hone your skills:These courses are sometimes conducted by reputed organizations or institutions like IIM or IIT, learning from such professionals is a dream for many. Such courses are helpful to gain additional knowledge.

Convenient:These courses can be pursued by students as well as working professionals who didn't get time from their job. The need is to turn on your device and can learn anytime either in the morning or night. So, this is an additional edge.

Groom your CV:While applying for a job, you can add these certifications to your CV which would be very effective and you can get the ball in your court.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 27 Mar 2023        
I honestly think that the invention of the internet is the ultimate invention of the 20th century. Moreover, it has transformed the way we live, even at the very basic level due to its very prompt and effortless accessibility. I myself have the internet to thank for helping me learn infinitesimal things from solving a Rubik's cube to fixing my phone by opening it with proper instructions! The Internet has become a communal collective pool of information. The Internet has made learning anything very much economically feasible, as anybody can learn something for free, they just have to type it on their browser. I feel the question here is unanswerable in the sense that the potential internet holds is too much and humans have yet to use to its capacity.
Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 27 Mar 2023        
Taking advantage of free online courses can be a terrific way to receive access to high-quality education without paying tuition. Furthermore, online courses are frequently self-paced, allowing you to study at your own pace. There is something for everyone in the huge array of courses available, which span a wide range of areas. Furthermore, some courses provide opportunities to engage with other students and industry professionals, which can help you make key connections and extend your professional network. Finally, taking advantage of these free courses might assist you in developing new abilities, gaining confidence, and achieving your personal and professional objectives.
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