What are career opportunities and courses after 12 th Arts?

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Author: Indu Singh      Post Date: 13 May 2023        
Some people think Arts students have less opportunities after 12 th than Science students,But I have felt that they have a wide range of career options.

Some popular career options for Arts students are:

Journalism and Mass Communication: A career in journalism and mass communication involves working in fields such as print media, electronic media, advertising, public relations, etc.

Law: A career in law involves studying and practicing law. This can be done by pursuing a law degree from a reputable university.

Humanities and Social Sciences: A career in humanities and social sciences involves studying and researching topics such as history, political science, economics, sociology, psychology, etc.

Fashion Designing: A career in fashion designing involves creating designs for clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Fine Arts: A career in fine arts involves creating and displaying artwork in various forms such as paintings, sculptures, etc.

Teaching: A career in teaching involves teaching subjects such as history, geography, economics, political science, etc. to students at various levels.

Psychology: A career in psychology involves studying human behavior and helping people overcome their mental health issues.

Event Management: A career in event management involves organizing and managing events such as conferences, concerts, weddings, etc.

Hospitality Management: A career in hospitality management involves working in the hotel and tourism industry, managing and running hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc.

Photography: A career in photography involves taking photographs for various purposes such as advertising, journalism, fashion, etc.

Here are courses after 12 th for Arts students:

Bachelor of Arts (BA): This is a three-year undergraduate program that covers a wide range of subjects such as literature, history, geography, economics, sociology, political science, and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): This is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on developing creative skills in areas such as painting, sculpture, graphics, and multimedia.

Bachelor of Mass Media and Communication (BMMC): This is a three-year undergraduate program that covers subjects such as journalism, advertising, public relations, and event management.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on business management and administration.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): This is a two-year undergraduate program that trains students to become teachers in schools and colleges.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW): This is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on social work, community development, and social welfare.

Bachelor of Law (LLB): This is a three-year undergraduate program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of legal systems and practices.

Diploma courses: There are several diploma courses available in areas such as photography, animation, hospitality, event management, and more. These courses generally last for one or two years.

Certificate courses: Certificate courses are short-term courses that provide training in a specific area such as digital marketing, foreign languages, writing, and more. These courses can last from a few weeks to a few months.

Overall, there are many courses available for students who complete 12th in Arts, and they can choose a course that aligns with their interests and career goals.
Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 May 2023        
A student who completed 12th with the arts and humanities stream are having plenty of options to take up further courses and to have a great career.

The selection of the course will completely depend upon the interest and aptitude of the candidate. A student who is interested in languages can go for BA with language as a special subject in optional subjects. That student can go for MA after completing BA and start working as a lecturer. If the student desires a PhD also can be carried out.

In the same way, there are many subjects to be selected in this stream and can go for PG in the same subject after UG. Once PG is completed they will have openings based on the subject they studied.

After completing the 12th class, the student can also go for B.Com and plan his further studies and career as per his interest. I think a commerce graduate will have many job options also without even a master's degree.

A student who completed his 12th class can undergo teacher's training and start a career as a teacher. They can be absorbed in Secondary grade teaching posts both in high schools and primary schools.

After completing BA or B Com, the student can think of going for B. Ed and can start working as B Ed assistant in high schools.

A student who completed BA or B Com can also go for an LLB course and get into the judiciary line. A good lawyer these days can earn lucrative amounts as a law practitioner.

An arts stream candidate after BA or B Com can think of doing MBA which will open doors for many management jobs in private corporates and even in the public sector also.

There are many social science research institutes and students who completed their MA can join as Research officers and even do their PhD in the concerned subject.

There are fellowships for postgraduate in arts and humanities and the NET-qualified candidates can get these fellowships and work for their doctorate degree.

All these graduates and postgraduates are eligible for civil service posts, UPSC posts, Group I, Group II, and Group III jobs also in state government and central government offices.

PhD candidates can work as Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors in universities and PG colleges.

In addition to the above, there are some special fields like design, fashion designing. Travel & Hospitality, Journalism & Mass Communication, Fine Arts, Mass Media etc. These are all very good courses and can be useful to work as executives in those areas in organisations.

There are some job opportunities even after the 12th class. Bank assistants, Group IV posts in state government and many more private jobs are available for 12th passed students also. After the 12th class, individuals can think of starting their own small businesses and flourish slowly in that field also.

So, I believe there are plenty of options for arts and humanities people also. But the main problem is competition is very high. There are many colleges and people join any one college and complete their graduation and PG also. So only those candidates who concentrate and focus on their studies and obtain expertise in the field of their study will get excellent jobs. So, success depends on the hard and smart work of the individual.

I am of the opinion that irrespective of the subject we are studying if we pursue the course with sincerity and obtain top rank, definitely chances of getting a job are plenty

I always say that our qualification only matters in obtaining a job. After that, success depends on how we use the opportunity and showcase our talent in discharging our duties in the position we are working.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 17 May 2023        
There are many career opportunities available for class 12th pass students in arts subject. In my opinion, after completing 12th you can go for B.A, M.A and B.Ed. and finally you can make a career in school teaching job. Besides, after completion of M.A you can go for PhD and can take up a career as a lecturer. After completing PhD, you may also apply for the post of research officers according to the area in which you have completed your research.

In addition to the above, here are some other job opportunities-

1. Career in mass Communication and Journalism: In today's life, mass communication and journalism is a very good field from career point of view. Students can easily make a career as news editors, reporters, anchors, copywriters or content writers etc. A career in media and communication gives good earning.

2. Career option in hospitality- After 12th, you can opt for Bachelor of Hospitality Management. It is a 3-4 year-long undergraduate management course that trains aspirants to enter the hospitality industry. The course covers a broad range of specialization areas including tourism, event management and the food and beverage industry etc. After graduating in hotel management, students can easily get jobs with high salaries. One of my friend is working in this field and is earning handsome money.

3. Career in Fine arts- In my opinion, this is the best course for class 12th passed students who have a creative inclination and passion for art. It is a 3-year program that includes Fine Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. Students can take up unique specialization courses like Theater, Film Making, Music, Dance, Painting & Sculpting, Pottery & Ceramics, Creative Writing, Architectural Drawing, Textile Design and Animation etc.

4. Career in travel and tourism - Travel and tourism is best course from career point of view. Nowadays, it is one of the fastest growing industry. The job prospects include careers like travel agents/ co-coordinators, tourism manager, Airline staff, tourist guide etc.

5. Career in fashion designing- A Bachelor of Fashion Design is a 3 to 4-year long undergraduate course specially designed for aspirants aiming to enter the fashion industry. The program involves the dynamic trends in the fashion industry and teaches students how to create original designs for garments, jewelry, footwear, accessories and so on.

6.Career in Business Administration (B.B.A.)- In my opinion, BBA is a good option for students who are interested in pursuing a career in business management. Since BBA and MBA course curriculum includes general industry-based subjects like sales, marketing, international business, finance etc., Art students can perform well in these courses. After getting an MBA degree from reputed management colleges, they can easily get placements in multinational companies.

7. Career in law field- If you want to make a career in the law field then an integrated course could be the best career option after the 12th. This curriculum includes a Bachelor of Arts and law integrated course. The course duration for this integration is 5 years. The advantage of pursuing this course is to obtain dual degrees in one curriculum.
In this syllabus, students will be learning the Bachelor of Arts and LLB programs. They will have law subjects like the Indian Constitution, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Company or Corporate Law, Law of Evidence, Environmental law etc. A law graduate can go for higher studies in law or can straightaway start practicing as a lawyer. One can also appear for judicial exams and choose to become a judicial officer. There are opportunities available for law graduates in the legal wings of the state and central governments and also in the defense services. Corporate houses also hire legal advisors and that is another lucrative opening.

Author: Ajay Gupta      Post Date: 16 May 2023        
In my opinion, there are many good opportunities available after 12th Arts. You need to make sure that you get admission to a good college. You can opt for any of the below courses based on your interests and career goal.

1. There are many fields available for an arts student like History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Journalism and Literature.

2. People who are looking to help people in the community can pursue social work as a degree. It will help them to get jobs in various NGOs and government organizations working for the community.

3. There are career options available in the hospitality field for art students. You can get jobs in airlines, hotels, and cruises as a hospitality professional. You need to have excellent communication skills to make a career in this field.

4. You can also pursue an event management course which is quite popular these days. Event planners are in demand if they have great skills to organize events.

6. You can try teaching after the completion of a B.Ed in your respective field.
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